June 2, 2011

Fancy Pantsy Frozen Waffles!

I’m back in town, and have yet to go through road trip photos and stuff, so in an effort to give you some content and make this blog something worth checking in on… here’s something yummy you can make!

frozen waffle breakfast

There are surely endless possibilities using this concept, but here are 3 variations I made and photographed.  Make some frozen toaster waffles – I use the multigrain type to pretend I’m being healthy – and go through your kitchen to find a combination of ingredients to bury the waffles under!

frozen waffle breakfast

Up top: peanut butter spread on the waffles, banana sliced over them, granola sprinkled on top, then honey drizzled over the whole thing.

Above: peanut butter spread on one waffle, banana slices spread over it, second waffle placed over that, jam spread over that one, then topped with some granola.

Below: mandarin orange slices spread over 2 waffles, greek yogurt poured over it all, and plenty of granola sprinkled on top.

frozen waffle breakfast

As you can see, I like adding granola to pretty much any fancy waffle creation, for that crunch texture factor – always a good thing!  If you want to eat your meal on the go, make something like the middle one, but with all ingredients on the inside to make it a sandwich.

Writing about my frozen waffle concoctions reminded me of a waffle variety Pete got at a waffle cart on N Mississippi – waffle grilled cheese!  It was delicious, so you can take that idea and expand your frozen waffle concepts beyond the sweet and fruity and into the savory… some ideas can be found on that post I linked to (like “savory waffled topped with cream cheese, spinach, tomato, chives and two eggs over easy”).  Don’t know how those kinds of combinations will translate to frozen waffles, but… worth a try?

Ok this is a weird blog post, but I’m trying to post more often, so there you go!  Eat some yummy foods, and I’ll be here working on my last quick knits ebook all weekend.  And maybe also spending way too much time on my current obsession – cataloging and organizing my record collection!  I got some rad new vinyl on our trip, and I rekindled my vinyl love, so I’ve become completely taken over with entering all my records into a google doc spreadsheet because I am a supernerd.  It’s too much fun!  I’ll manage to get that ebook done, somehow…..

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