February 21, 2010

February 1st – 20th photos

Ok these have really built up over the last few weeks… oops… and I’m hard at work trying to finish up this pattern, so I’ll keep the captions semi-brief…  Pete’s vacation meant lots of eating out (we don’t normally eat out this much!) and fun times, yay!

2nd – had dinner at the best sandwich shop in the world – East Side Deli (that is some amazing fake meat, by the way):


1st + 5th – Feb 1st was the first day I forgot to shoot my photo of the day, and didn’t have any other photos taken that day to make do, so the photo of my pants in the bathtub was taken the next morning to show what happened that night – Banzo’s clumsiness landed a glass of beer in my lap, and all over the floor, chair, etc (but thankfully not on my computer!).  So my pants were drying in the tub overnight to avoid getting beer on my laundry… And then I spent the 5th designing quick knits club patterns:

0201 0205

3rd + 4th – spinning club yarn; dye day!

0203 0204

6th + 8th – club sorting and packaging… always takes so much longer than I expect it to:

0206 0208

7th – the first day of Pete’s stay-home vacation, this day was all about coffee, knitting, beer, and this crazy spicy chocolate he gave me:


9th + 10th – our 5 year anniversary dinner was mac n cheese at Hedge House (yumm… and breakfast was Juniors, also yummmm); I played these drums and it was awesome:

0209 0210

11th – my birthday breakfast was this amazing Farm Fusion waffle at the Waffle Window (then we went downtown to the art museum, Powell’s, dinner at Paradox, and a movie at the Avalon – super fun birthday!):


12th – did some dyeing a couple days before, then balled it up into this massive bulky ball:


13th – happy hour at Laurelwood, where we ate superyummy food and played games:


14th – decided to play tourists in our own city this day and wandered all over a part of town we’d never explored before – Nob Hill, way over on the other side of the river!  (that’s a joke – it’s about a 10 minute drive)  Can’t say we’re a fan of the neighborhood, but we are definitely fans of playing tourist and exploring new spots!  I’m also a fan of these pigs:


15th + 16th – tried out a new place for breakfast – Sweetness – and will definitely be going back!  Thanks to Groupon (bought a $20 coupon for $10), we got some awesome scrambles, 2 extra muffins to go, and this german chocolate cupcake… the next day was spent building the club patterns ebook:

0215 0216

17th – our only real trip during Pete’s vacation, this day was spent in Olympia!  I think our favorite part of the day was Old School Pizzeriarad place altogether, but we were blown away with awesomeness when we discovered they could add roasted potatoes as a topping to our slices!


18th + 19th – drove around looking at houses (now that we are officially pre-approved for a loan, and have a real estate agent!); made pom poms with bulky hand-dyed yarn for a secret project:

0218 0219

20th – spent the afternoon at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden (across the street from Reed) for a photoshoot (also for a secret project) and got honked at by tons of geese, and watched them hissing at a dog and saw their crazy long mammal-like tongues!  (check out these pictures Pete took if you don’t believe me.)  It was an amazing park!  I’ll definitely be going back when I’m in need of nature photo backgrounds, or just want to hang out with a ton of ducks and geese and water and flowers and trees…..


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