March 19, 2012

February photos a day!

I did this photo a day project thing for fun in February, over on my Tumblr, so I’ve gathered my favorite shots from the month together in one place over here.  A bit belated, but you know, time flies and whatnot… Here are Banzo’s paws held up by Pete’s hand, just how she likes it (weird cat!) for February 3rd: hands.  And our trivia answer sheet, along with some whisper sheets, at Monday trivia night for February 20th: handwriting.

February 3rd February 20th

For February 2nd: words, I shot my buddy rocking out to some Lionel Ritchie at karaoke night:

February 2nd

Here are a couple food shots for you… an awesomely satisfying burrito from Tecos (on SE Powell) for February 27th: something you ate, and some fabulous mac n cheese from Hedge House for February 6th: dinner:

February 27th February 6th

Around my house, we’ve got a shot of my studio closet (it looks a bit messy, but, sadly, this is the neatest view in my entire studio) for February 12th: inside your closet, and then February 22nd: where you work – because of the current state of aforementioned overwhelmingly messy studio, this sofa in my living room is where most of my work gets done:

February 12th February 22nd

Here are shots for February 21st: a fave photo of you, and February 25th: green, which is a salad on a painted table at American Dream pizza:

February 21st February 25th

And lastly, February 13th: blue and February 10th: self portrait, for which my caption read: I blue myself.

February 13th February 10th

If you want to check out all the photos, you can scroll through them on tumblr here.  This was fun, so maybe I’ll do another month like this some time in the future – anyone know of any fun photo game project things?

And a quick note to knitters – a main reason I’ve been so absent here is because I’ve been hard at work building the final Remixed pattern, which will be released to Remixers later tonight!  The blog post will happen later this week, so for now you can see info on my site here.

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