August 23, 2009

first ever Quick Knits Club!

First, to kind of go along with the beginning of the club, I started a leethal ravelry group!  It started out leethal quick knits specific, but then I decided to change it to a general leethal group, so that’s that!

Rav Group banner

Most everyone who joined the first month of the leethal quick knits club should have gotten their packages by now (if you haven’t, let me know and I can check on it!) so now the mysteries can be revealed!

club #1 stuff

I’ve added the contents list and photos to my club page, as I’ll do with each month once they’re in the hands of the members, and I’ve also made another change to the page.  I’ve learned that because the packages weigh so little, it’s only an extra dollar to ship outside the states, so anyone can sign up on the site now instead of having to email me (two separate sign up buttons for within the US/Canada and international).  I guess there’s a chance I might be wrong and some countries might cost more to ship to; if that happens, I’ll change things again…  for now though, US+Canada shipping is $2 (it’ll take longer to get to Canada though) and anywhere else is $3.

club #1: Strappy Pouch club #1: Strappy Pouch

Anyway, on to the fun stuff!  Here is August’s club pattern (ravelry), with multiple variations!  Above, the main Strappy Pouch design, which buttons around your wrist or ankle; below, the bulky yarn version of the strappy pouch, and the mini-wallet variation, with no strap or button.

club #1: Strappy Pouch club #1: Mini-Wallet

You can see what the yarns look like knit up there – and here are the full skeins… Green Grass of Tunnel (100% lambswool, dyed 3 colors, a leethal recycled variegated yarn):

Green Grass of Tunnel

Orange Ball of Love (2 strands of recycled cotton and one variegated thread, a leethal spun recycled yarn):

Orange Ball Of Love

There are actually two different versions of the spun cotton yarn – same base yarns, but different threads, because I ran out of the first thread (thickish, variegated oranges) and made a second skein with a different thread (thinner, variegated dark rainbow).  So some members got one, some the other… I mini-skeined up the second skein before photographing it…

The yarn colors for this first month were inspired by my new website design – with oranges like the main/background colors, and greens/turquoise like the text/link/accent colors.

club #1 package contents

That’s everything in each club package: the 2 mini-skeins, the pattern (printed on 100% recycled photo-quality cardstock), a vintage/recycled button for the pouch, a knit! button (printed on recycled brown paper), and a leethal quick knits club pen!  I had so much fun with the pens!  I printed “leethal quick knits club!” filling a sheet of white paper, cut them into thin strips, and cut fatter strips from a bunch of magazines for the background images – from Portland landmarks in a Portland travel magazine, to yarn from knitting+crochet magazines, to random cool imagery from design and other mags.

club #1 stuff

And then I carved a club stamp!  Each package comes in a recycled envelope (from Scrap), so to make the packages more exciting, I stamped the backs!

club stamp! club #1 package contents

So that’s my first club package!  As you can see on the webpage, each month will have original yarns+pattern, but the extra goodies (buttons and pen in this one) will change each month!  You can sign up for the September club package through Sept 1st!

club #1 stuff

One more thing – I had a 276 yard skein of the lambswool yarn left over, so I’m selling it to an August member who wants to make something bigger with their club yarn.  I’ll probably be doing this most months, as I try to make more yarn than I need (better too much than too little) – so that’s another bonus of club membership!  I’ll always offer the leftovers to members only, to keep the yarn unique to the club.

club #1: Strappy Pouch club #1: Mini-Wallet

As for the pattern – club members got the pattern in pdf and postcard forms, and they’re the only ones who get it for at least a few months.  I’ll probably be grouping club patterns together in sets and selling them in the future, once I’ve been doing the club for awhile.  So, non-members will be able to get the pouch pattern at some point, possibly by November or December since it would be great gift knitting!

Ok so now I ask a favor – whether or not you were a member in the August club, I would love any feedback you might have!  If you thought about joining, but decided not to, let me know if there’s something that would have changed your mind, or if there was a specific reason you didn’t want to join.  This whole club thing is still in its beginning testing phase, so everything is open to change, and I’d love to make it better!  Thanks!

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