November 24, 2008

frame tutorial and some other things i made


craftstylish tutorial of the week: multi-photo frame!  i really love this one, it turned out exactly how i wanted it!  don’t you love it when a project comes out of your head and becomes a finished product just how you pictured it? yeah!

12.jpg 13.jpg

also, a couple new handspun yarns in the shop! it was my first time spinning since we got kittyhead. i had been dreading it because i imagined she would go kitty-crazy and pounce at my hands and the fiber and it would be disasterous… but, no! nothing like that!  she was totally cool about it!  she just watched the wheel go round and round for awhile, then got bored and went to sleep.  (she’s also fine now when i knit too, unless she’s in super crazy mode, but mostly she leaves me and the yarn alone, yay!)

scraptastic alpaca striping single

so there’s another “scraptastic” yarn, which will knit up super fun, similar to this one (knit by me) and this one (knit by lynne).  and a self-striping single, which i plan to do much more of – this one has some sections that are pretty variegated, and some more solid.  i think it’ll knit up pretty cool looking.

oh and getting back to garbanzo for a minute, want to see the kitty castle i built for her?! i made two separate parts – a scratching post with a flat top that she can sit on:

kitty post kitty post

and a 2-room house thing made with 2 boxes partially covered with carpet samples, with a hole inside connecting the two and multiple holes on the outsides for playing.  she loves this one!!

cat castle cat castle cat castle

they are both made with all recycled materials – the carpet samples are from scrap, as are the tubes making up the inside of the scratching post, and the boxes are from a printer and from my halloween costume.  put them together with a bunch of hot glue and some staple gun action, and it’s a kitty castle! hooray!

banzo kitty post

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