March 30, 2008

free pattern: big bulky bucket hat!


yeah! i knit this up in no time, as an experiment, trying out this top-down idea with some gorgeous handspun, and it worked out so well that i decided to write up the pattern and share it with you!! because it’s knit top-down, you can easily make it exactly as long as you want without having to guess when to start decreasing. (or maybe it’s just me that has a hard time with that…)

buckethat3.jpg buckethat5.jpg buckethat2.jpg

i made this pattern into a pdf for free download if you prefer it that way. mostly so i can put the pdf on ravelry. yay ravelry!

and the pattern:

you’ll need about 80-90 yards of bulky yarn (handspun works great!), a set of size 11 dpns, and a crochet hook

co 4 sts on dpns
join around, kfb into each of the 4 co sts
-easiest way for me to do this: 2 sts on each of 2 needles
..kfb into first st with 1 needle, kfb into 2nd st with 2nd needle
..kfb into first st on 2nd needle with 3rd needle, kfb into last st with 4th needle
there should now be 2 sts on each of 4 needles
kfb first st of each needle as you knit around, until you have 15 sts on each (so 60 sts total)
knit around about 9 rows, or about 2 1/2 inches, or until flattened hat measures about 6 inches from top
kfb first st of each needle, one round
knit 2 rounds with no increases
repeat those 3 rows 2 more times
knit one more increase round which should give you 19 sts per needle
bind off, crochet a trim to prevent curling (in the example i single crocheted around twice, into the back loops only)
block as needed

if you don’t want a crochet edge, you could probably knit the last 4 or 5 rows in seed stitch instead.

depending on your yarn, you may want to use make 1 increases instead of kfb for the bottom section to prevent unwanted bumps.

olivetangerine4.jpg olivetangerine2.jpg

for my hat i used yarn spun from a milky robot batt, plied with olive-colored wool dyed by insubordiknit, with a bunch of hemp thrown in here and there.  the colors are more accurate in the yarn photos than in the hat photos, which look a bit too bright.  and the trim is handspun by milky robot! a little mini-skein of beauty. i love handspun yarn so much!!

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