March 26, 2010

Game Knit Projects!

There have been some really awesome projects popping up over on ravelry, using my game knitting ebook concept, so I want to share some of my favorites with you!!  First of all, if you don’t know what game knitting is, head over to my original blog post from when I released the ebook, and scroll down to the 2 quote block excerpts from the book to read what it’s all about…

(warning – lots of ravelry links in this post, so if you’re not a member, you should join!!)  Click the photos to see the project page for each item.

bagheraa4 bagheraa3

Bagheraa in Denmark has made several fantastic game knit hats!  I lovelovelove the one above, based on the same kinds of patterns as my Arrested Development hat, but I think it looks much better than mine!  It was knit to British detective shows… And below, two more hats by Bagheraa – to the left is a combination of slip-stitches and purl bumps, knit to a few different things; to the right, a ski sprint hat which had 3 different game patterns going at once, depending on which thing happened – so cool!

bagheraa1 bagheraa2

Hazellucia has also made several projects… I love the cowl below – using game knitting to determine striping patterns isn’t something I’ve done myself, but now I want to!  And the hat to the right was worked in 2×2 ribbing, with a purl/knit stitch worked for every occurrence, in kool-aid dyed yarn:

hazellucia1 hazellucia2

The cabled hat below, by Charmling in California, turned out beautifully!!  It was worked in the traveling cables pattern to Firefly:


Skudge in Pittsburgh knit up this gorgeous short rows scarf to various shows, using Malabrigo sock yarn:


SFcorgi in California knit up this patchworky game scarf – her game was created by knitting while working at home, with occurrences having to do with computer loading times, clever!  My favorite part is the red cabled section at the top:


Thirdbreathh in Las Vegas made a cool, stripey version of the bobbles headband, to Grey’s Anatomy – I love the different colored bobbles all scattered throughout:


Himalaya in Qatar made these fantastic sleeves, working short rows to House, in Manspun Heavy Metal yarn – rad!!


Verylisa in Australia improvised a cool soap sack (which she explains on the project page) – she used the eyelet game pattern, and knit to a Charles Dickens audiobook:


And I saved Kim Werker‘s hat, knit with Blonde Chicken‘s bulky yarn, for last because Kim also wrote a great blog post about game knitting awhile back…


…Want to read more about the concept?  Several fun posts/reviews have been written over the last few months – all the ones I know of are listed on my pattern page; some good ones are at Kitchen Sink Dyeworks, Craft Leftovers, and Nuts about Needlepoint applied the concept to needlepoint, cool!

And, in completely unrelated news, after the majority of responses (via twitter mostly) were voting for the club theme to be revealed, I’ve updated the sign-up section of the club page with April’s theme: Fruits + Veggies!

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