December 6, 2008

hats! and more hats! yeah hats!

handmade nw show

quicky post tonight before i get some sleep for the 100th monkey twilight sale tomorrow… the handmade nw show on tuesday went ok, not exactly busy (why tuesday? hmm) but i got lots of good feedback and decided to focus on hats for the upcoming shows.

if you’ve been following my stuff for awhile you might remember last holiday season and before i had a bunch of monster hats (like this one and this one and this one) but then after they sold out last year i never got motivated to make new ones.  i got into the yarn making and other things and took a break from the hats.  well i made a few new ones for the tuesday show, and they got more attention than anything else, so i got excited to make more, and that’s just what i spent the last two days doing!  here’s what i created yesterday and today:

hats for sale

grey monster hat kids pointy eared hat green floppy hat

there are a few kid sized hats this year – that’s something i was kind of lacking last year.  and then these are the 2 that i had on tuesday that i still have:

blue striped monster hat kids glasses hat

and i sold this one on tuesday morning, about 10 hours after i finished making it!  luckily i did make sure to take a few pictures before the show.  it looked so great on the girl who got it – it fit her head much better than mine, i’m so glad she got it!

yellow sold hat yellow sold hat

ok so the thing about these hats… they are not going up in my shop until both shows are over – 100th monkey tomorrow (saturday 12/06) and SCRAP next saturday.  so if you’re in portland and you want a hat, be sure to make it to one of the shows and hope it’s not gone yet.

for everyone else, i will be posting them for sale on my site on sunday the 14th (or possibly even the night before), then blogging about them as soon as they’re up.  you’ll have to act fast if you want anything for a holiday gift because i’m leaving to california on the 17th, so i’ll need to get your order by the morning of the 16th to get it mailed before i leave.

a few of the new hats have super special things about them that i’ll keep a secret for now. (like, different ways to wear them…)  i am really excited about these hats!  yay hats!

one more thing… wanna see a supershort video of garbanzo?!  here she is pretending to be an awkward statue:

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