March 19, 2009

if you’re in portland, crafty good times for you!

hey portlanders, aren’t you glad you live here?!  so many exciting crafty events coming up!!  first of all, susan is doing 2 events for button it up – first one tomorrow (or today, depending on when you’re reading this) and another next week…

button invite

i went to susan’s bead simple event at powell’s last year and it got me super into beading!  so i can’t wait to dig through her button stash tomorrow and make myself some fun hair clips! (especially since my bangs are growing out and getting in my face lately, so i’ll use the clips for sure!)  if you’re not in portland, susan has a page with a list of all button it up events – so far they’re in the bay area, la, and seattle.


then the next super exciting portland event is the premiere of handmade nation at the museum of contemporary craft!!  it’s friday april 3rd, and saturday the 4th, and you should buy tickets soon because i’m sure they’ll all be sold out before the shows.  susan has the inside scoop and told us that there will be a q+a on friday, and then a free panel discussion after the saturday screening; so i’m planning to be at the friday show, then come back again saturday for the discussion.  can’t wait!!

buttonshirt1 buttonshirt2

and in other fun crafty news, i was at goodwill today and this shirt jumped out at me for obvious reasons!  turns out it’s by costume designer bob mackie, pretty cool!  so i know what i’ll be wearing to the button it up event tomorrow!!

8/21 him

and hey, since i’m posting about portland events here, i’ll let you know that my man pete is doing his first trivia night at a new venue next week!  it’s happening at airplay cafe on east burnside on thursday at 7pm, and there will be beer specials and food prizes for the winning teams.  airplay is much bigger than zach’s shack (his usual trivia venue) and there’s even a stage!  so come eat, drink, watch pete’s silly stage persona, and show off your trivial knowledge!  if you’ve ever thought it might be fun to go to a trivia night, this would be a great one to check out, since it’s his first time trying out the venue – if it goes well and there’s a good turnout he’s hoping to make it a regular (weekly?) thing!

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