February 1, 2007

issue #1, coming very soon!

ok so, my original planned release date was today, feb 1st. that got pushed back when a broken hard drive and a job transfer put off my productivity abilities for a couple weeks around the beginning of the year. i’ve been working hard for the last few weeks though, writing, photographing, laying out pages. i’m getting to the final stages, it’s exciting! so, at this rate, and with minimal unforeseen last minute time-consuming details (of which i’m sure there will be a few), i think i’ll be able to make my feb 8th goal. you can pre-order a copy right now, here (also, the “issues” link at the top) – they’re $2. i’ll be giving away buttons and perhaps some other little goodies with zine orders; and, i’ll be giving away free zines with leethal store orders of over $20.

so here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come:

  • monster hat tutorial
  • record bowls how-to
  • intro to photography
  • leethal tea + beer bread recipes
  • ninja mitts (5 versions)
  • vegas trip
  • mystery musician contribution
  • neil dennis comic + connect-the-dots

and i’ll leave you with an excerpt from the intro page:

use your brain. challenge yourself. try new things. stretch your limits. be nice to your body and exercise your mind. make things, go places, learn stuff, and teach others. venture outside your idea of who you are and what you do. don’t let yourself be defined. don’t be afraid of change. and, don’t ever say you’re bored! do stuff!

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