February 10, 2007

issue #1


it’s officially released! the complete contents are:

  • p.1 intro, do stuff!
  • p.2-5 ninja mitts tutorials (5 versions)
  • p.6-7 record bowls how-to
  • p.8 leethal tea recipe
  • p.9 beer bread recipe
  • p.10-11 hat of the issue: monster hat
  • p.12-15 intro to photography
  • p.16 listen to: angela correa
  • p.17 correatown’s contribution
  • p.18-21 go here: las vegas
  • p.22 funny stuff, comic by pete
  • p.23 connect-the-dots
  • p.24 leethal bio, the end

you can see some of these pages on the issues page, including the monster hat tutorial! zines are sewn together with recycled cardboard + photo covers, and are $2, which includes shipping. (order through the issues page)

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