January 4, 2011

January’s quick knits club! Yay books!

This month’s quick knits club theme is Read Books! I chose the theme for two reasons (which kind of go together)…

January cover

We are getting our home library (old photo) into awesome functioning order – just got a fold-out couch so it can double as a guest room, and so we now have a comfy place to sit and read!  And, one of my (many!) goals for 2011 is to read more!  Since I quit having a day job 2.5 years ago, I’ve basically quit reading books, since I used to do all my book-reading on my lunch breaks (and on the clock when it was slow and the boss wasn’t around).  So, now with the new library, I’m really hoping to be able to put aside some time every few days to go in there, away from the computer, tv, etc, and open up some of those many books I’ve bought and never read!

pen tube bookmarks! pen tube bookmarks!

The patterns this month are both bookmarks, but very different from each other.  The Pen Tube Bookmark holds a pen (or highlighter, or reading glasses) on the outside of your book, while marking 1 or 2 pages with the yarn strand (or crochet chain).  You also get to choose whether to make it with a button closure or eyelet holes.  It’s an easy little pattern which uses about 12-15 yards of worsted weight yarn.


The other pattern is this Wavy Short Rows Bookmark – the point of this one is mostly that it’s fun to make, and will look cool in variegated sock yarn leftovers.  The piece is an easy way to have fun with short rows, since the bumpy garter stitch fabric means there’s no need to knit wraps together with wrapped stitches, and only 10 total stitches across means it works up quickly.  It’s worked in 5 sections, which are all different from each other, but all simple to work without having to carefully follow the pattern row-by-row.


Unfortunately, none of my yarn choices for the examples are the perfect type of multi-colored yarn to show the short rows pattern best… that variegated yarn I chose ended up having too-short color sections, and the light green is 2 strands of lace weight Noro held together, but those color sections are way too long and it didn’t really change colors at all throughout the whole thing… oh well.


And then I show you how I made three different bookends – all by gluing things to these basic Ikea ones, but you can use any plain bookends.


Basic project, but fun and full of possibility!


Lastly, the extra is instructions for 2 different word games that Pete and I play with the help of a book.  Great for lines, public transit, or other waiting situations, when you have a book in your bag.  One is based on the old game show game – Password – and the other is a sillier game that’s sort of inspired by Taboo…


Anyway, that’s this months club!  We got a few new members this month, thanks to the mention in Knitter’s Review (thanks Clara!!) so that’s super awesome!  Hope everyone enjoys it!


And a club announcement… I’ve decided to only continue the club for these first 6 months of 2011.  It’s getting harder to come up with the mini-designs each month and I just feel myself loosing steam with the quick knits.  I figure my energy can be better used with bigger designs, more mystery knit-a-longs, and maybe new ideas I haven’t even thought of yet!  You can still get a 6 month subscription starting with this month (through my site or through ravelry), and then starting next month the subscriptions will just be for fewer months, for the remainder of the club.

pen tube bookmarks!

Now would be the perfect time to mention any theme or pattern ideas or requests!  I’d really appreciate thoughts I can put to use in these last 5 months of club ebooks!

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