July 26, 2008

japanese craft book overload

i’ve had a superfun last couple of days! on thursday i was lucky enough to get to hang out with diane and rachel all afternoon, fun times! diane took us to the amazing kinokuniya bookstore inside uwajimaya in beaverton.

japanese bookstore

that’s not even all the craft books! so, backing up, i had listened to diane’s podcast about japanese craft books long ago, and i was intrigued, but never really looked into it, because, you know, it’s not like i needed one more crafty thing to get into or spend money on. well, holy crap, they are incredible! i am a huge fan now, whether i like it or not. i am not really an amigurumi or softies person – i think they are cute, but don’t have much of a desire to make them – so that’s part of why i didn’t think japanese craft books would be for me, but that was super stupid of me, because there are tonnnns of knitting, crochet, garment and accessories sewing, embroidery (rachel scored an amazing book on embroidery sketching), and much much more. i was drooling over a couple gorgeous books on buttons (susan, you have to see these if you haven’t already!) and even the crafts i wouldn’t want to make myself were shot and styled so beautifully that i wanted every single book! seriously, oh my god they are gorgeous.

now onto my purchases! i limited myself to 2 books (they are not exactly cheap), and they are both hat books – one knit/crochet hats and one sewn hats. i’ll let the pictures do the talking before i say anymore…..

japanese knit hat book japanese knit hat book

japanese knit hat book

japanese hat book japanese hat book

japanese hat book

japanese hat book

japanese hat book japanese hat book

japanese hat book

like i said to diane and rachel about that second book, i think it’s pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. you can expect to start seeing some leethal hats inspired by some of those designs starting very soon, like hopefully tonight!

i couldn’t find any (english language) info on either book by searching the isbn’s, but if you want to try to track them down the knitting book is: isbn9784309281094 and the sewing one is: isbn9784579111657.

in other book news, while pete was blowing some birthday money at powell’s yesterday, i picked up a knitting book i’d been eyeing for awhile: loop-d-loop by teva durham. i don’t knit many things from patterns (other than my own) but there are several designs in here i love and i plan to try out at least a few of them. if you’re a raveler, check it out here… i like this one and this one and i love this but i doubt i’d ever make it.

oh my, i just love books so so much, don’t you? ok now i’m off to check out the division st festival…

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