August 8, 2010

July 22nd – August 6th photos

Quite a hectic couple of weeks, as usual – I missed a few days in here, oops…  These days were filled with lots of knitting and pattern making (for Swerve) and also teaching stenciling at the libraries (fun!) but these are the things I took pictures of…..

22nd – Pete’s birthday!  He worked all day, then I took him out for a bday dessert and gave him a few gifts – this Ryan Berkley goat illustration (in a thrifted frame), plus a couple of rad sweaters (shawl collar cardigan and cashmere pullover) to add to his collection.


23rd + 24th – Some house/yard work these days – slowly getting my new studio in order (I know, we’ve been living here over 3 months now, but there’s not enough time in life for everything that needs to be done!  Oh time, I shake my fist at you!) and major yard work – mowing, weed pulling, etc… Too much all at once, and maneuvering our corded electric mower with my right hand while holding the cord in my left, made for an injured hand for a few days.  Not good for knitting!  Learned my lesson there!

0723 0724

25th – I made dinner based on this Chickenless Parmesan “recipe”, with some fresh garden basil!  It was damn good!  That blog – Cooking With My Kid – is my new favorite food site!  We aim to make food that’s easy and tasty, and as healthy as possible while fitting the first two criteria, which is the aim of these kid-friendly recipes, perfect!  Plus, the writer’s husband is vegetarian, so there are tons of no-meat ideas, yay!  (Found the site through Craft blog’s mention of this Bite Sized Greek Salad – love it!)


26th –  Pruned down the basil plant today and stuck the flowers in a shot glass for a mini-bouquet for my desk!  Plus, it made my studio smell like fresh basil for the day! Yum!


27th – Tried to go sell stuff at Last Thursday on Alberta for the first time… didn’t work out so well, long story (only important part, in case you’re thinking about selling there: you have to get there around 1ish, which no one had told me before), but I did get to do some quality people-watching.  And, highlight, I swapped a shirt for these amazing video game earrings by the supernice K8bit!  Love them so much!!


30th – Discovered some of my plants aren’t doing so well – the only flower on the pepper plant had died and fell off when I touched it, as did these two little future-cucumbers.  Since then, 1 or 2 more baby cucumbers have done the same… don’t know what’s wrong, fear I won’t get any cukes or peppers this year, so sad…


21st + 1st – Set up my backdrop system in my studio and did a ton of photo-shooting these days – for the Swerve pattern (did you notice my knit-tastic backdrop?!) and testing for a freelance job I got doing all of Trillium‘s product photography for the online shops!  So exciting!  Here are a silly shot from testing out the light and stuff while first getting set up, and a reject shot (there are oh so many reject shots – this is while modeling a Flipside Hat) of test shooting, uncropped so you can see my super high-tech system:

0731 0801

2nd + 3rd – Worked a bunch on my Sideways Edge Cast-On post, scanning swatches and stuff… these are not even all of the swatches.  I know I always take photos at the Waffle Window almost every time we go, but they are just so photogenic!  Look at that foody beauty!

0802 0803

4th – Taught a class this day, and before and after I worked so hard to get my Sideways Edge Cast-On post up – I’d meant for it to go up the same day that I released Swerve (2 days earlier), or the next morning, but it just took so long!  I did end up editing a few typos after it went live, but at least I got it up that evening!


6th – Some more studio building got done today between workyness – including setting up my yarn-holding coffee can cubbies!  Yay!!  Also, lots of record-listening, yay again, for vinyl in my studio!


Hope your August is going well so far!

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  • Janetmckin

    You have to fertilise your cucumbers. Look at the flowers – the boy flowers – well they have something that looks like a boy bit. The girl flowers begin to set a cucumber like you have found. You need to play plant mummy and daddy for the cucumber to grow any bigger. Bees MAY do it for you – but you probably will have to go out first thing in the morning and have fun

  • Cooking with my Kid is such a great find! Thanks for passing it on :)

  • Hook and Needle

    Oooh, coffee can cubbies! That gives me an idea for my (many) empty formula cans…

  • Those video game earrings are awesome. Looks like a busy but fun week too.

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  • I just love this idea! I'm thinking about using some old posters I've got lying around. Or maybe some old record sleeves.. great! xoxo love from Belgium, Europe.

  • oops, my comment was ment for the 'My new fabric covered box drawers' post.. :)

  • Lee

    ooh record sleeves! why didn't I think of that? genius! old posters would work great too!

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