June 22, 2010

June 7th – 21st photos

Ok so yeah I’ve disappeared for a little while – holy crap dudes, the Summit of Awesome was so much more awesome than I could have imagined!  It officially ended on Friday, but there were related events happening all through the weekend, so I’m still recovering from all the awesome.  I’ll definitely be posting a way-too-huge post about the Summit sometime this week, but I wanted to catch up on photos-of-the-day first since I’m so behind… so starting with 2 weeks ago…

8th – This day was filled with recycled club yarn unraveling, then wet hot american trivia at night, always a great time!


7th + 9th – I made an egg creation based on this idea for lunch, but I didn’t do a good job of putting together ingredients I had on hand and it ended up looking much better than it tasted… oh well, I learned from my mistakes.  I did a photo shoot for Pete of all the clothes he’s been finding at thrift stores lately, including all these fantastic ties:

0607 0609

10th + 11th – Club yarn-making and designing days – tons of spinning, and I used my thrifted Ashford niddy noddy for the first time ($1 still in the original packaging!)… This month’s club featured the smallest gauge thing I’ve ever designed – lace-weight-ish yarn on size US 2 needles!  (I know that’s nothing for all you sock knitters, but I’m a size 7’s and up kind of knitter!)

0610 0611

12th + 13th – Shooting the back of my own head (without my tripod+remote set-up) is damn tricky – this photo is one of many outtakes.  Club skeining, sorting, packaging, etc….

0612 0613

14th – I forgot to take an official photo of the day this day, which was filled with last-minute club packaging and pdf-building, trips to the post office and Twisted, and the beginning of Summit teaching work, but I did take this computer shot of some very important Summit prep!  My hair was getting so boring, it’s about time!


15th + 16th – Because the club stuff took me longer than expected, my Summit class prep ended up happening all on the day before the conference started – luckily, I’d been thinking about it for a month or two so I was able to get everything onto paper in a day… Then Wednesday was the first day of the Summit – I attended two learning sessions, including getting press for your business with Kari Chapin:

0615 0616

17th – The second day of the Summit I decided to just make stuff allll day!  So, I chose workshops for every session (instead of the learning sessions, which would have been far too responsible), starting with encaustic painting with Bridget Benton – ohmygod it was so much fun!!


18th – This was my teaching day… first, I taught how to photograph your work with your camera, then I made a cup glove with Becky Striepe to relax my brain for a bit, then I taught publishing your own patterns, which went really well!  The whole day was filled with lots of caffeine, so when it was all over and I was hanging out with a bunch of awesome people afterward, I shot my coffee:


19th + 20th – Then during the weekend days after the Summit, with people in town and the Show of Awesome happening, we kept the awesome going – on Saturday I got to hang out all over town with Kim, Diane, Teresa, Kari, and Susan (see photos on Diane’s blog)… at the amazing Twilight Rummage Sale I got some fabulous finds, but unfortunately my camera battery died, so I just took a phone picture (see the stuff shot by Diane here).  Inflatable Party Insects!  On Sunday, I went to Kari’s book signing at Powell’s, caught up on some errands, got in a wee bit of rest and house-cleaning, and then Pete and I were taken out by our loan guy to celebrate our house!  Pete never drinks, but we talked him into some fruity umbrella-adorned drinks and he got nice and silly!  And I did karaoke in public for the first time ever (Stay) – it was SO MUCH FUN!  I didn’t have my camera with me at the karaoke bar, sadly, but I snapped a shot of Pete when we got home and he flopped over on the couch:

0619 0620

21st – It pretty much took this entire day to recover from all the awesome… I had plans to work on my in-progress knit design all day and do other super-productive things, but no, that just didn’t happen.  My brain didn’t really let me do anything but check emails and twitter and flickr and ravelry for many hours, then I forced myself to do dishes and brainstormed a bit about my website redesign, and I got a sudden motivation to make a new site header and a vision of an idea, so I dove in and started it!  I twitpic’d a screenshot of the in-progress header today – the text and photos will be different for each different section of leethal.net… what do you think?


This week is sure to be spent catching up on everything… that pattern I was hoping to release as soon as possible will be no sooner than next week, and same with my site update, but I’m super excited about both of them!

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