April 14, 2009

knitting, knitting, dyeing, and food!

some knitting stuff for you today… first of all, i’ve altered the mary jane booties pattern a wee bit.  just changed a couple decrease types for looks, nothing that changes the shape or anything, so it’s not a big deal.  i had knit them with fuzzy yarn that hid the decreases before, but while making another pair for a class sample with non-fuzzy yarn, i realized i should change the one side from k2tog’s to ssk’s for symmetry.  and i changed the k3tog on that side to sk2p… while i was at it, i thought about changing the other k3tog to sk2p also because it’s much easier with the fat needles and yarn (i don’t know about you, but i have a hard time with the k3tog’s when the needles get to 11), but k3tog does look better and hold the symmetry, so i left it alone and you choose which you want to use.  (the pdf has been switched on ravelry, and you can download the new pdf directly here.)

orangeslippers3 orangeslippers4

i’ve been hard at work on a new pattern design project, which will remain secret for know, but this picture might give you some clues…


oh and by the way, that fat red book in the pile – “the complete encyclopedia of stitchery” – was one of my best goodwill bins finds ever!  dated 1979, with sections on crochet, embroidery, knitting, macramé, rugmaking, sewing, and tatting, the knitting section reaches from page 359 to 559, most of those pages with illustrated stitch patterns, like this:

encyclopedia of stitchery

that’s a heck of a lot of stitches for a dollar! woo!!  but while that’s super awesome for sure, i finally got myself a copy of barbara walker’s treasury of knitting patterns for some more variety.  so the last week has been filled with crazy amounts of stitch pattern swatching, frogging, and more swatching.  fun!


i also did some dyeing last week! it had been awhile away from the dyepot, i forgot how much fun it is!  these are all recycled yarns (mostly unraveled sweaters and a couple old yarns from the craft thrift store), all dyed with kool-aid.  they are mostly for me to play with, but they’ll be going into a few bracelet kits and maybe another secret future kit! (so many secrets… i hope to reveal things soon!)

yarn207 yarn102

and i’ll leave you with a couple images of my food creations – on easter day i felt a burst of baking/cooking energy, which resulted in these (recipe here, i added some chocolate chips, and a little coconut and almond extract)…

coconut cookies!

and this (brown rice, teriyaki tofu, red potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and mushrooms)

easter dinner


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