June 10, 2013

leethal Adventure Knit-a-long!

Summer is almost here and it’s time for some adventure!  So in July will begin the leethal Adventure Knit-a-long!

mystery adventure!

A knit-a-long like no other, you will be led on adventures each week as you make choices about your knitting project.  You’ll be able to choose between four different items – three accessories, or one smaller gifty item – and then all the items will have many different specific design options to choose from.  Nothing will be that hard; there will be lots of different techniques used (like short rows, cables, slip-stitches, twisted sts…) but not more than a couple at the same time, and if you don’t like how one option is looking you can just pick another one!  Any yarn weight can be used; most items will need about 1-2 skeins of yarn (normal accessory amounts), in one or more colors.

mystery adventure!

Most details will remain a mystery for now, during this get ready… phase, and then we’ll get set… on Monday July 1st.  That’s when more details about the adventure knit-a-long itself, and about the different items, etc, will be revealed.  Finally, we’ll go! on Friday, July 12th, when actual project knitting begins, with the second part going out the following Friday, and the final pattern section released Friday, July 26th.

If you pre-order now, you’ll just get an intro page, and you’ll get a discount for early pre-ordering – only $8 now.

The whole adventure collection of patterns can potentially make well over a hundred different specific items (with the four different item types and all the options involved), so when all is revealed and the knit-a-long is over, the collection price will be $12.  But, since it’s all mysterious right now, and a new kind of knit-a-long I’ve never done before, I’m starting things out majorly discounted, then raising the price by $1 with each section’s release.  So when the first official pdf goes out on July 1st, it’ll be $9, then up to 10 with the first section of knitting, 11 on the second week of knitting, and 12 at the end.

mystery adventure!

I’ve been planning this for a couple months now, and continue to work out all the details and knit up my sample items during this pre-order time, but I have enough done to tell you I am loving how the items are looking, and I am extreeeemely excited for this to begin!!  I can’t wait to reveal more of the general details in a few weeks, because the way everything is going to be presented is special in and of itself.  I’m just really happy with how it’s all coming together, so I wanted to get the ball rolling with the pre-order phase, because I just couldn’t stand waiting any longer!

mystery adventure!

To celebrate summer and adventures and the beginning of this project and everything else fun, I’m going to give away three knit-a-longs today (Monday June 10th)!  Either comment here on the blog or tweet @leethal and tell me one adventurous thing you plan to do this summer (it can be anything from climb a mountain to stay up all night to play a new board game to watch a scary movie – your definition of adventure can be as broad as you want it to be!); if you enter on twitter, use #adventureKAL!  I’ll pick three winners at the end of the day, randomly from all the adventure comments.

Edit:  Winners have been chosen!  I picked from both the comments here and on twitter, but random number generator chose numbers kind of close together, all in the blog group, sorry twitterers.  The winners are misstlog, Nicole Reister, and Cindy Manzanares!  Yay!  Thanks everyone for playing – so many awesome adventures planned!!

Okay I hope you’re excited too!  There are adventure placeholder pictures on the webpage that you can use for ravelry project pictures for now, and feel free to ask me any questions in the leethal group forums!  I might not be able to answer them yet, but I’ll say what I can for now ;)  Happy almost-summer!

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  • jennybookworm

    This looks like fun! I’ll be finding adventure while camping and renovating our kitchen

  • I’m going to try sewing — and not just any sewing, but garment sewing! This is big for me, since I’m scared of the sewing machine.

  • Beth Grim

    One of my favorite adventuring activities is going on long, exploratory bike rides with a friend. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to do that a few times this summer.

  • Annika

    I have two months off from officiating roller derby, and I am going to (try to) learn how to skate!

  • Sage Goode

    The adventure I’m going to take on this summer is an adventure in healing. I am going to do the tough things I need to do in order to really kick this chronic illness. I have the support team in place. I am motivated. Bring it on!!

  • Leora

    How exciting! My big adventure this summer is co-producing a okay for our local fringe festival in August.
    … Oh, and getting legally married to my wife (hooray for marriage equality!)

  • Cindy Manzanares

    Love this KAL! And your patterns never disappointed :)) my summer adventure is getting the stash under control so I can finish my Christmas knitting! Lots of family who love knitwear!!

  • My “adventure” is representing my volunteer organization (Scarleteen, a youth sexuality and sexual health org) at a conference this summer. I’m super excited and a little nervous too. =)

  • Alex Tinsley

    Oh Lee, you are so dang clever. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds :-) (My adventure this summer is buying and fixing up a house…yikes.)

  • Camilla Hadlock

    My adventure is to drive all the way to Kennewick/Richland to Dye in the Park (my first dyeing experience!) Wish me luck!

  • Ines Nicolau

    My adventure this summer will be trying to knit as much pairs of socks as I can!!

    great KAL!!

  • Nicole Reister

    My summer adventure will be learning how to design my own knitting patterns!

  • Pam Dierking

    My adventure will be to organize our spare room. It was meant to be my room, but my boyfriend took it over. Then we had some flooding and had to empty it, now it’s going to be all mine and I get to put up a table to spread out patterns and be crafty at!

  • India

    I’m a musical theater director, so my adventure is starting my own kids theater school and putting together six shows in three months. Eek!

  • Cindy Oertel

    Just back from the beach where we had to dodge lots of gators and turtles at the condo we were staying at – on afternoon came home from the beach to see 23 turtles on baby gator named Bilbo and big gator name Gandolf sunning themeselves.

  • Nicole Springer

    Taking the ferry across Lake Michigan.

  • Denise Shoup

    My adventure for this summer is to plunge into a big new challenging project at work. (But my true adventuring will be this fall when I get an 8-week sabbatical from work…)

  • Our adventure – moving to Scotland!!! So excited for this kal!!!
    C.C. (JavaPurl on Rav)

  • Pam Gibson

    I am getting new puppy! Very adventurous!

    PS. This sounds like fun!

  • misstlog

    Love the idea, count me in! Just after the KAL starts, I will be going for a three-day bicycle tour with my aunt. We plan to travel 200 km in three days so this is quite an adventure for me, but I am sure we will have fun! ;)

  • Arlene Lafosse

    This just looks like so much fun! My husband and I just got a new puppy – since we’re in our 60’s, this is turning out to be quite an adventure! Knitting something new and exciting sounds way more relaxing :-)

  • cecile

    This sounds like fun… Each summer, I’m trying to spend as much time outside as I can and have tons of little outdoor trips / adventures. A new adventure would be to do some remodeling inside our house… We mentioned it a couple of times already (“let’s do this and this and this next summer”) and now that’s summer is here, it sounds scary!

  • Lee

    You win!! I will be emailing you the knit-a-long as a ravelry gift :)

    And wow, quite an adventure indeed!! Have tons of fun!

  • Lee

    You win!! I will be emailing you the knit-a-long as a ravelry gift :)

    And, fun! Happy knitting, and designing!

  • Lee

    You’re a winner, Cindy! Yay! I will be emailing you the knit-a-long as a ravelry gift :)

    Happy knitting!

  • Lee

    Six shows in three months!! Holy moly! Good luck and have fun!

  • Lee

    Ooh yay dyeing! Good luck and have tons of fun!

  • Lee

    Thanks, Alex :) Good luck on the house!!

  • Lee

    Oh cool! Good luck and have fun!

  • Lee

    Yaaaay!! Congratulations!

  • Lee

    Ooh I hope you conquer your fear and have tons of fun!!

  • Lee

    Thanks for being the first to join the knit-a-long! :) Good luck on the house work, and happy roadtripping!!

  • Cindy

    OMG I’m so excited!! Thanks so much!!!

  • Nicole Reister

    OMG THANK YOU! I’m so excited! Now to go pick out yarn…

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