September 25, 2008

leethal clothing!! wooooo!

whew, it’s up! my brand new leethal store clothing page!! so far you’ll find 12 printed shirts, plus 6 blank shirts and 1 skirt for custom printing! i plan to soon add lots more blanks so you can get the prints you want on the shirt/skirt you want!


every item has a hand-printed “made new by leethal” tag and the original brand logo x-ed out!!

shirt033.jpg shirt093.jpg

here are some of my favorites!

shirt061.jpg shirt081.jpg

and some more! there are many shirts for guys and for kids!!

shirt031.jpg shirt071.jpg

there are lots of details about the clothing, custom ordering, etc on the side bar of the clothing store page. i’m so excited to be branching out into this area; you know how much fun i had doing all those printed shirts for my brothers and for pete! i hope some of you are excited too, i’d love for this to be popular!

ooh ooh and also, because i’m getting all the original shirts at the goodwill bins (at around $1.50 per pound), and since i’m printing a bunch at a time to keep my work time per shirt somewhat low, i’m selling them pretty darn cheap! finished shirts are only $12 each, and custom orders are $16 each!

in celebration of this new leethal category, i’ll be throwing in some fun little extra stuff with all orders (not just clothing) in the next few weeks! (like: buttons, fun greeting cards, maybe samples of yarn, stitch markers, etc…)

also, many thanks to robyn and holly for the spam plugin suggestion! i’ve plugged it in and switched it back so you won’t have to register to comment, so comment away!

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