March 13, 2009

leethal flickr group!

well this day has been silly.  i’ve actually written two blog posts today completely, both of which are saved as drafts and probably won’t get posted till next week.  both posts rely on things on other sites that i thought were going up today, but both didn’t ever go up, so everything’s on hold till they do… oh well, not a big deal. so, since i wanted to post something today, i bring you this super belated filckr group post…

hand-dyed vortex

awhile ago i created a group on flickr for all things leethal! i’ve kind of kept forgetting to let you know it exists, so there aren’t many photos in the pool that aren’t mine, but i’d really love more photos to be added! it’s meant for anything that i made or designed, including things made based on tutorials i’ve written for other blogs (like craftstylish), etc.


as for knit stuff, ravelry is of course the best thing ever, and knitters can see tons of examples of my patterns over there, so i would love for the flickr group to have lots of stuff besides knitting. of course, feel free to add photos of your leethal knits, but please add 1 or 2 photos of a single item only, and more shots can always be seen on ravelry.


so, just to cover all areas, photos you add to the group could include you wearing/using an item made my me, something you made with yarn that i spun/dyed, anything you made using a tutorial or pattern that i wrote. i’d really love to see photos of people wearing hats/shirts/scarflets/anything else that i made! i put so much energy into the things i sell in my shop, and usually i never see them out in their new homes, and i always wonder how they are doing!


wow this whole thing feels really narcissistic, sorry about that. i think that’s the reason i’ve put off telling you about the group for months… i just really love being able to see everyone’s leethal knits on ravelry, so i wanted to create a way to be able to see other things besides knits. and when i think about it, it’s not for self-obsessed reasons, it’s because i love seeing all of your creative ways of looking at my patterns! my favorite versions of knits based on my designs are the ones that hardly even look like my versions because the maker’s creative energy has made it into something all its own! so, with all these tutorials i’ve been writing on this blog and others, i’m guessing there are some amazing creations out there made by awesomely artistic blog readers, and i’d love to see them! so, thank you for indulging me with this whole flickr group thing, and thanks for any images you can add to the pool!

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