June 30, 2011

leethal Mystery Hat Knit-a-long!!

It’s time!  I’ve been planning this one for six months now, and I’m so freaking excited that it’s about to begin!  You can now sign up to knit-a-long a mystery hat, in any weight yarn, custom fit to your head – it’s gender-neutral, it can have buttons if you want, and you can make it shorter or longer, to be fitted or slouchy.  Because of the way it works up in any gauge, you can knit this hat over and over in different weights and get different looking hats each time!

When you sign up, you’ll get the “week 0” pdf, which tells you everything you need to know to choose your yarn, gather your materials, and get ready to knit.  Next Friday, July 8th, part 1 of the pattern will go live and you can start knitting the brim; the following Friday will start part 2 (the body) and the next Friday will be the last part (the crown).  The final pattern, complete with charts (no charts in the mystery pattern, to preserve the mystery!) will be released once the knit-a-long is over, probably on August 1st.

It’s $6 to join, which of course includes the final pattern in the end, and you can sign up on ravelry, or by clicking right here!  You can join in any time, and you’ll get whichever pdfs have been released up to that point; so you can jump in late and catch up if you see in-progress hats and decide you want in.

Mystery Hat!

Here’s some info you’ll also find in the week 0 pdf (and on ravelry)…  Because the hat is for any weight yarn, the design will look different based on your yarn and hat size.  It will work in any size, with any weight, but I don’t recommend going finer than a sport weight, or heavier than an aran, or a bulky yarn that’s on the lighter end of the bulky spectrum.  If knitting a child size hat, it will be better to go lighter in weight, since the whole thing will be smaller – a sport or DK weight should work well.

leethal mystery hat knit-a-long!

The pattern isn’t hard, but it does involve lots of different kinds of twisted stitches, and some short rows for the construction… If you’ve knit any of my patterns that involve the sideways edge cast-on technique (as blogged about here) – which include Cassady, Swerve, Custom Tritops, Betiko, and some quick knits patterns including the fitted pocket case, cabled keepers, and the screen friendly gadget case – then the construction of this hat will come easy to you. If not, it may seem tricky or wrong at first, but once you have a couple inches knit it should start to make perfect sense!

Mystery Hat!

There will be two variations for the hat brim (part 1) – one with buttons (which involves a bit more knitting, with 2 short extra pattern sections) and one with no buttons (which requires a provisional cast-on and grafting). You can also choose your hat fit style – depending on how tall you work the body of the hat, you can make yours fitted and short, fitted and long (covering your ears), or extra long so the extra body slouches in the back.

There will be some basic math required when you start part 2 – it’s just subtraction and division, very easy with a calculator, but you can always find help in the leethal forums if you need it!

Mystery Hat!

Each week’s mystery pattern section will be image-less, to keep the mystery, but I plan to make optional pdfs with photos of what things should be looking like, in case you need some extra help or want to check to make sure yours is looking right. I will release a photo pdf of how part 1 should look either partway through week 1, or when I release week 2’s pdf, so you can have the full mystery for awhile before any spoilers become available.

Knit-a-long talk, help, etc, will all be happening in the leethal ravelry group forums – there will be a new thread for each week’s section, so if you fall behind, you don’t need to worry about spoilers!

Mystery Hat!

You’ll need

  • Enough yarn for a hat in any weight of your choice – somewhere from sport weight to aran weight is recommended – in a solid color; yardage depends on yarn weight and on hat size:

— an adult size hat in sport weight will take approximately 160-190 yards (146-174 meters)
— an adult size hat in bulky weight will take approximately 90-110 yards (82-100 meters)
— an adult size in worsted weight will take approximately 120-150 yards (110-137 meters).
— yardage will also vary depending on your hat fit choice – a big, slouchy hat will take more yarn than a short, fitted hat
— also, blocking is important with this hat, so choose a yarn with fiber content that will block out well

  • 1 16″ circular needle
  • Set of same size double pointed needles
  • (optional) 1 longer circular needle (24” or longer) will be helpful
  • 1 stitch marker
  • A calculator
  • (buttons version only) 3 buttons; size depends on yarn weight
  • (no-buttons version only) Scrap yarn and a crochet hook for provisional cast-on
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