October 18, 2007

leethal store stuff and wonderland

yay i just finished my store update with all the patches and clock kits added! whole new category now for diy kits where i linked to all my blog tutorials/patterns for more diy fun! i’ll be adding more to that page as i write more tutorials, and i have plans for more kits.

leethal display leethal top display

didn’t take many photos at crafty wonderland, but that was some of my display. it was a super tight fit in our little 4×4 square, but it worked. i got a pretty good response on everything. it’s hard figuring out what i should focus on making more of based on people’s responses. the one item that got the most love was my monster hat with the teeth and the yellow button eyes, but it didn’t sell – i didn’t sell one single hat, which is weird, they usually do pretty well. but the mitts all went (except for that orange pair, which i am always tempted to keep as my own because i absolutely love them and they never sell, so sad). i sold a number of items that have been around for years and i thought would never get picked up, so that was really happy. yeah overall it went really really well, fun crowd, great time!

ok i have tons of work i need to get done today, my one day off the day job. i might post again later tonight. i’ll leave you with this, the only photo i took of a customer (she bought a pair of mitts for her daughter, which are wrapped in a strip of recycled bedsheet tied in a big bow to use as handles… or earrings?):

my customer

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