March 28, 2008

life news and fun photos

i just want to let everyone know i’m alive and well, as i realize i’ve been absent from blog world for a few weeks now. some good things have been happening, to the point of overwhelming me with my lack of time to do everything rad that i need/want to do. so… this led to me… quitting my day job!! well, first, having a talk with my boss about dropping my hours down to 3 days a week. then, yesterday, him deciding that wouldn’t work and me saying ok, then i guess i have to quit. it’s something i had thought about doing, but not actually planned to do for awhile, so i was a bit freaked out at first, but then i started to get pretty excited. so now i’m a mixture of: relieved, happy, terrified, hopeful, worried, optimistic….. so i’ll still be working full time for about a month-ish, trying to buy nothing and save as much as possible, and trying to line up freelance stuff. my plan is to try out having no day job at all, for at least a couple months, see how it goes, and if it’s not working out well, find a part time job at a yarn store or something else craft-related to make things less scary.

so there’s my life update for ya. that and, pete dislocated his kneecap the other day, ouch!! so i’ve spent the last couple days taking care of him, watching lots of dvds and knitting. went to the hospital up on the hill for the first time, crazy drive! awesome architecture though… and i’m working on knitting my first top-down hat (that’s not rectangular), improvising with handspun. if it works it’ll be supercool, i think.

i’ll be updating with some specific news now and then as things become official and stuff. for now, i’ll leave you with some photos. first, some of my favorite moments from the craft release party!


the best moment – that happy girl won my record bowl set in the raffle and was SO excited! hehe yay!!


crotch patch!! yeah!!

61.jpg 46.jpg

49.jpg 38.jpg

and, a couple weeks ago we went to edgefield and i took a ton of photos on film! whoa! i’ve uploaded the regular 35mm, shot with a canon ae-1 and an old olympus from probably the 80s that my uncle gave me. i also shot a roll of 35mm through a medium format box camera, and a bunch of 600 polaroids, all of which i need to scan when i get a chance. film rocks!!





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