June 1, 2009

lost in code-land!

ohmygosh i feel totally out of touch with the world.  a little while back i started planning a website redesign, kind of vaguely, and then about a weekish ago i started teaching myself css. (the current version of leethal.net, as well as leemeredith.com and my other sites are all just plain html, no style sheets.)  that resulted in sucking myself deep into code-land for the last several days!  i’ve totally got a good solid grasp of css now, all self-taught, so i would go at things kind of backwards and have to find the right path to figure out what i needed…. so i’ve spent hours at a time trying to figure out one little element, then i jump with joy when i figure it out, hah!


days of designing, trial and error, codecodecode, and i’m so so so so happy with how the site is looking!!  all the elements of leethal.net will be one cohesive website, with easy navigation, and there will be some new pages and a brand new section which is a project i’m super excited about!  it’s still a couple weeks from all being done, but i can’t wait!  pardon my rambling, it’s this code-land i’m in, it’s hard to focus in here!

new blog menu

you can see a peek of the design that’s coming here in my blog – i’ve updated some colors to match (don’t worry, there will still be tons of orange!), put borders on the pictures, and the menu bar has a new look!  let me know if anything is weird or buggy.  editing the css for the blog is a little trickier since someone else wrote it to begin with and there are some mystery parts that i don’t understand.  i think i made it work though (if you happened to click over to my blog sometime around noon today, you may have seen a messed up in-progress version with no header or something)….

circle lace cuff

moving on… my last craftstylish post ended up being a free cuff pattern – one of the designs that didn’t make it into the set. it’s a little weird, but it’s a fun lace pattern, if you’re new to lace (like me). i’ll knit a size large version sometime soonish because i think that’ll look better that this small version…

circle lace cuff circle lace cuff

i was so excited to see this craftstylish post about other people’s versions of my skirt pattern!  my favorite picture is the second one on this post, with the crafter and her mom both wearing their skirts!!  so awesome!!


ok, back to code-land, since i can’t get my head off the site… hey can i ask you all a few questions that could help me with my design?  any feedback you could give would help me with some of these decisions….

  • how do you feel about outside links opening in a new tab?  example: you’re on a leethal pattern page, and click to see the pattern on ravelry. is ravelry opening in a new tab ok, or annoying?
  • do you like/prefer buttons over text for “buy now” “add to cart” etc?  if the font size/color is different to set it apart, is that enough, or are buttons much better?

hmm i can’t think of any more questions.  thanks!!  back to coding i go!

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