May 17, 2007

love this little crafty world!

so i was checking out all those sampler contributor sites i linked to yesterday, and when i noticed how familiar her etsy shop looked i realized that i actually know christine renee of re-conceived. i custom made a camera bag for her a few months ago. so my favorite sample item was made by someone who carries something i made for her, so weird! such a small crafty world!! yeah, that’s all really, i had to share that… oh, she has a rad blog by the way, and not just because she mentioned me in it today, hah! she talks about recycley craft stuff like “frogging” sweaters to recycle the yarn, yay!

to everyone going to the maker faire this weekend, have super awesome fun times! i soooo wish i could be there! when i didn’t get into the bazaar bizarre as a vendor i lost my excuse to take the time off work and the travel expenses to get there, when i’m trying so hard to save for the big move to portland. stupid money! always needing it…

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