May 19, 2011

Maker Faire!! wooooo!

For the first time ever, I’m going to Maker Faire this year!  Aaaand, I’ll be doing a demo and speaking in a panel discussion!  So super awesome and since I’ve never been before I have no idea what to expect, so I’m totally excited and crazy nervous at the same time.  I’ll only be there on Saturday, so I’ll be just packing in as much as possible for that day, after completing my events – I know I won’t be able to do close to everything I’ll want to do (from what I hear) but I know it’ll be an amazing day!

So, if you’re going and want to track me down… at 10:30am (Sat) I’ll be doing a demo on No-Sew Projects Using a T-Shirt!  The main project will be my no-sew t-shirt bag, which I’ve just entered into the Make Projects DIY wiki database!

No-Sew T-shirt Bags! No-Sew T-shirt Bags!

And then, for the remainder of the demo, I’ll be showing how to make other things from the parts of the t-shirt that are left over after you make the bag!

no-sew tee projects

The point being, of course, as little waste as possible…

no-sew tee projects

Hopefully you can gather enough ideas for small tee projects that by the time you’re done crafting with one recycled shirt, you’ll have a bunch of cool stuff, and nothing more than a few tiny scraps of cotton left!

no-sew tee projects

Besides lots of different kinds of bracelets and necklaces (which I’ll be doing blog tutorials for sometime in the future), you can make no-sew hats and cuffs/mitts from t-shirt sleeves:

no-sew tee projects

And by the way, this is a t-shirt strip version of Olga Buraya-Kefelian’s Cable Braided Necklace knitting project:

no-sew tee projects

So then after the demo, I’ll be part of Saturday’s Crafting Your Online Presence Panel Discussion!  I’ll be alongside Susan Beal (West Coast Crafty), Bridget Frankowiak (Mr X Stitch), Garth Johnson (Extreme Craft), Alice Merlino (Futuregirl), and Moxie (Made by Moxie).

saturday maker faire panel

You can read a little more about it, and ask us questions, over on the craft social blog – the panels will be live-tweeted so you can follow along if you can’t be at Maker Faire!

After Maker Faire, I’ll be taking a little road trip around California for fun and also to stop at every single yarn store I can find to drop off wholesale catalogs – let me know if you have a favorite lys in California!  (My list of shops that carry my patterns is slowly growing, and the faraway shops that I haven’t been to seem super awesome, yay!  See them along the sidebar of this page.)  Being my own distributor is tough work, but hopefully my patterns will make it to your part of the world soon enough!

On the trip, I’ll be doing tons of passenger seat knitting, of course, working away on my future ebook patterns.  I’m so excited about those, and if I get enough done on the road, I may have something substantial to show you when I get back!  I also may be working on a mystery knit-a-long pattern (one that I started designing quite awhile back, but got distracted from and had to set aside).  Summer knit-a-long, anyone?  I’m hoping I can make it happen soooooon!

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