March 20, 2010

March 10th – 19th photos

Getting back into my blogging photos-a-day on the weekends schedule… this was an eventful week!  Multiple new projects released, lots of house-buying stuff…

10th + 11th – I (finally) got my studio completely cleaned up!  It was in a mostly organized, but with a bunch of random stuff still scattered about the floor, state for the last several months.  (Before that, it was worse, since major re-organizing after Pete moved out of his half…)  On the 10th, I had a couple visitors from the media, including a photographer, so it had to be finished, and now I love it (and yes, we are moving in about a month, perfect timing, eh?)… And the next day, I finished knitting my handspun Shapeshifter, then spent the whole day building the pattern pdf, and everything else that goes with it (photos, webpage, etc), and got it released at 4am! Woo!

0310 0311

12th – Stitched up a couple of connect-the-dots cameras this day, and drank tons of coffee after my late-nighter the night before!


13th + 17th – Out of order because both these days I worked on the same hat (even though it’s a super quick hat to knit, I’ve just been knitting for short times here and there, between other projects)… on the 13th, I spent a bit of time knitting on this hand-dyed, striped, soon-to-be Haka hat; on the 17th I did the dyeing tutorial for the yarn, and I started the bottom part of the hat in another yarn, but didn’t finish… (Garbanzo doesn’t normally look like that, but that photo makes me laugh – a horrible combination of flopped-over position and wide-angle lens makes for a disproportionally huge kitty!):

0313 0317

14th – I got started on a new design idea, spending lots of time with Barbara Walker, and I spun a skein of self-striping handspun, yay!  This yarn will be for sale, once I wash and photograph it (it’s been a long time since I’ve added new handspun to the shop!):


15th – Spent pretty much the whole day on that new design idea… for an awesome dinner (while Pete was in Seattle for the night), I made some delicious bean dip, with refried black beans, leftover rice, 3-pepper salsa, and cheese, yummmm!!


18th + 19th – These 2 days we got to go hang out at our future house!  During the inspection (which went really well!!) we got to be in the house, taking photos, planning out furniture arrangements, daydreaming about living there, for 3 hours – I’m so into the nice kitchen sink with the filtration system!!  (I’m even excited about it being double bowl, after living in our apt the last few years with a single bowl – dyeing will be easier!)  And then the sewer scope (also good news) was the next day, so we stood around outside the house for awhile, and I took some photos of the outside – I kind of like this weird little mini-fence in front:

0318 0319

Coming up this week: I can finally blog about my studio, now that’s it’s cleaned up and show-able!  In preparation for moving, I’m planning a couple different giveaway things, which might start soon.  There might be a new (free) pattern!!  And I’ve been working on 3 new stitch sets (which are all freaking awesome, I think) – they probably won’t be available for a couple weeks, but you may be seeing some peeks soon!  (if you follow me on twitter, soon like today!)

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