March 28, 2010

March 20th – 27th photos

Wow it’s been a long week for some reason!  Feels like that knitty pattern came out weeks ago, and I just realized it was one week ago today, crazy… Anyway, here are some things I did in the last week…

20th – Stitched this sample for one of my upcoming new stitch sets – can you tell what it’s becoming?  (If you follow me on twitter, you may already know, since I tweeted a picture of the final stitched image last weekend.)  My new sets are getting much more complex than the older sets, with number counts up in the hundreds:


21st – Pete took me to Hedge House for dinner (mac + cheese, oh yeah!) to celebrate the Buttonhead release; I didn’t bring my camera, but I shot this curb horse with my phone outside – I love spotting Portland curb horses!


22nd – I made roasted carrots (with rosemary, thyme, and parsley, and some mushrooms) and risotto for dinner – yum!!


23rd – Pete and I introduced Star to Gravy for breakfast – one of our favorite Portland breakfast spots (and there are oh-so-many of them!).  Tofu scramble with hashbrowns, broccoli, mushrooms, and veggie gravy = heavenly (not to mention Pete’s banana chocolate chip pancakes).  (side note – I’m going to stop linking to yelp pages when a restaurant doesn’t have their own site, after reading this article.)


24th – Pete and I took a long walk to the Waffle Window for breakfast this day (delicious and cheap!) – I didn’t bring a camera on the walk, but I did take a couple nice Spring flower photos with my phone… sadly, my stupid phone refuses to email me the full size images (not like they’re even large files, at 110kb) and shrinks them down to bitsy thumbnails, boo!  So, I enlarged them a wee bit and stuck the 2 photos together:


25th – I went through my enormous stash of recycled sweaters and other clothing to be used for crafting materials, picking out what had been sitting there for years, to get rid of before the move.  The pieces on the floor of this photo ended up going into my giveaway sale, and every piece in that box (you can’t really tell how big it is, but trust me, it’s big) is uncut and not too felted to go right back to the thrift store.  This exercise has taught me to be more discriminating in my thrifting for materials!!


26th – I bought 83 skeins of embroidery floss (from the Kitten)!  The purpose will be revealed soon enough…


27th – I got to participate is a unique crafting experience this day – along with some other Portland craft blogging friends, I got to craft with chocolate at the new Chocolate Craft Studio in North Portland.  I made a weirdo, abstract sculpture, which I ended up liking in the end, but then about 3 minutes in a warm car did this:


For more photos from the event, check out the flickr group Susan put together; and to read all about it, head over to Diane’s Craftypod post, and Pam’s Gingerbread Snowflakes post, where there are lots of photos of the chocolate crafting in action!  And tonight, I plan to take a chunk out of that crazy, melted sculpture for dessert, since every element is edible (including chocolate glue, moldable clay-like chocolate, and glittery paint and sprinkles)!

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