March 10, 2010

March 3rd – 9th photos

I’m so sorry to have blogged nothing between 2 photo-of-the-day posts a week apart, I’m trying hard to give you more value, really I am!  (speaking of Value, I’m also trying to spend a bit of time in Diane’s free online class on the subject, today only, be sure to check it out!)  The last week has been totally nuts – we put an offer on a house yesterday!!  Plus, the club was mailed out yesterday, plus there’s another exciting thing happening today which I’ll probably be telling you about soon, plus I’m trying so hard to get this cowl/hood pattern out this week (it’s looking like either Friday or Monday now)… that’s a lot of plusses, sigh…

So, yeah, excuses, but things should be slowing down a wee bit starting tomorrow, and I have some fun things planned… for now, photos!  I’ve spent a lot of time with house stuff – checking out the neighborhood, etc to decide for sure if we want it – but that’s not so photographable, so here’s my last week in photos…

3rd – Knitting away on my handspun sample of the upcoming pattern, with my own self-striping single, mostly BFL wool, mostly hand-dyed by me:


4th + 5th – Dyed club recycled yarn, and spun tons of recycled club yarn, while watching a bunch of movies on netflix instant (also spent much time knitting up ideas for the club designs):

0304 0305

6th – This day we got serious thinking about the house, checked out the neighborhood at night, then went to Dots for tofu burritos, fries, beer, and house-talking… fitting for us because Dots is where we talked about moving to Portland in the first place 3 years ago:


7th + 8th – Finished up the March club these days, making and sorting everything, then finishing and packaging, during which I consumed lots of coffee (as always) and after which I worked on getting my studio cleaned up:

0307 0308

9th – And coming around full circle, last night I got back to knitting the pattern sample, at Radio Room with friends, beer, and trivia:


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