March 22, 2010

March leethal quick knits club!

It’s about time I show you what was in the March leethal quick knits club packages… But first, I think I’ve gathered a few new readers in the last couple of months (hi!) so, I’ll make sure you all know what the quick knits club is!  Once a month, I send out packages to all the members which always include: a 15 yard mini-skein of recycled hand-dyed yarn, a 10 yard mini-skein of spun recycled yarn, patterns to go with each of the yarns, anything that the patterns need to complete the project (could be buttons, ribbon, a piece of fabric, etc…) to make it a full kit, plus some extra fun goodies, which all fit into a theme for the month.  (See examples of past club packages here; I also have the patterns from the first 4 months in a mini-ebook here.)

photo book buttons

I’ve been doing the club since last August, I totally enjoy coming up with all the stuff to fit a theme, designing the mini-patterns, putting together the extra goodies… fun stuff!  Unfortunately, membership has seriously been dropping the last few months, so I really hope I’m able to continue doing it for awhile (I planned to keep it up at least through this year, if not longer)… If it sounds fun to you, you can sign up for a 1 month kind of trial membership, or a 3 month subscription at a discounted rate – sign ups for April are up through the end of this month.

March '10 club!

Ok with that said… March’s theme was photography!  Yay!

Pale Green Things Pale Blue Eyes

The dyed yarn was an unknown wool/blend from a reclaimed, hand-knit sweater, a light grey-green overdyed with blue, for a teal kind of shade… I named it Pale Green Things (after a Mountain Goats song).  The spun recycled yarn was a fine, 2-ply, 100% shetland wool yarn, which I overspun, then navajo plied, turning it into a cabled yarn.  I named it Pale Blue Eyes (after a Velvet Underground song).  With the 15 yards of dyed yarn, I designed a picture frame:

Cabled Frame

I’m so happy with how the frame worked out!  Lots of trial and error, ripping out and redesigning, but in the end, I think it’s pretty neato!  Basic cables over garter stitch, short rows to turn the corners, and a piece of mat board in back turns it into a functioning frame.  The kits came with the piece of mat board (remnants from my local art shop), and a piece of inkjet printer photo paper, salvaged from my old photo lab day job – photo labs have so much waste, it sucks, so I would take usable scraps whenever I could to save them from the garbage.  (The inkjet photo paper came from the expensive large-format prints, so it’s really nice, top quality epson luster paper, rad!)

Camera Patch i-cord wrist strap

For the 10 yards of spun yarn, I designed a camera-shaped patch… My original plan was to design a wrist strap, for point-and-shoot cameras, but I couldn’t figure out a good, functional design idea, so I made the patch instead.  But then I included a bonus alternative option – if you don’t like the patch, you could use the yarn to cover your camera’s wrist strap with i-cord!  So everyone got the 2 patterns, as usual, plus a bonus how-to sheet for the i-cord strap.

fabric "star filter"

For the extra fun stuff, everyone got… a camera! Just kidding… that piece of mesh fabric taped over my camera serves as a “star filter” – check it out… taken with that point-and-shoot:

star filtered photo star filtered photo

And this one was taken with my DSLR, for a pretty different effect:

star filtered photo

I even tried it with my crappy phone camera, and it worked, so it could be used on any kind of camera each club member has.  So, everyone got that piece of mesh fabric, an instruction sheet with how to use it, and shooting in the dark tips, plus a button that was made with a page of an old photography how-to book from the 80’s:

photo-related goodies

And lastly, everyone got 2 old slides, rejects rescued from my local reuse store.  I am planning a tutorial for slide earrings (soon!); as for other ideas for just 2 slides, I bet you could make a nightlight (though I can’t find a tutorial online for one), or a cool pendant… If you can come across a collection of old slides at your local thrift store, flea market, yard sale, here are a few links to crafty things you can do with more slides: window hanging, curtains, lampshade.  I’m totally planning on making a slide curtain for our new house!

old slides

So that was March!  I haven’t decided for sure on a theme for April yet, but I have a list of great themes to choose from…. I’ll throw this idea out there to see what you think:  the clubs have always been a complete mystery until they are mailed out, but would you prefer if I at least revealed the theme early, before the sign-up deadline (not the specific patterns though)?  Would you be more willing to sign up if you knew what the theme was going to be?  I like total mystery, but maybe most of you would rather know…

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