March 23, 2011

March quick knits club: Plug In!

March club cover

Wow, this is seriously belated, but hey, check it out!  March’s quick knits club mini-ebook!  The theme is Plug In! and it’s all about tech gadgets and various electronic things…

Screen-Friendly Gadget Case

The highlight is this any-gauge custom-sized pattern for a gadget case, meant specifically for iphones, ipods, ipads, and any other non-i things that have full screens like this.  The case is knit starting at the top, across with the sideways-edge cast-on method to fit the gadget width, then worked down from there to the bottom; a second row of stitches is added with increases to start the seed stitch flap.  Then the bottom of the fitted part is worked across, with holes being added as needed for plug access – the whole thing is worked modularly so that there’s no seaming and only a few picked up stitches along the way.

Screen-Friendly Gadget Case Screen-Friendly Gadget Case

To finish it off, yarn is threaded around the edges kind of like a drawstring, to pull the case edges in and hold tightly onto your gadget, without covering the screen.  This variegated one was my prototype piece – the bottom of the case (as seen above) is different than the final design, but the rest is pretty much the same:

Screen-Friendly Gadget Case

The second knitting pattern is this simple but functional wrist rest, worked in the round with short rows:

Wrist Rest Tube Wrist Rest Tube

This month’s tutorial is for a phone (and whatever else) charging station, which holds a power strip and takes up minimal space on your counter top:

phone charging station

And the extra bonus is a second brief tutorial for this mp3 player pocket, which can be added to a scarf as pictured, or to a bag, jacket, etc…

mp3 player pocket mp3 player pocket

So, this ebook is available alone for $5, or you can still sign up for a subscription – there are only 3 more months left of the club, so a 4 month membership (this ebook, then through to the end) is $14, through my site or ravelry.

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