May 11, 2011

May’s quick knits club ebook: Eat!

It may not feel like spring here yet, but I’m already daydreaming about growing some food in my yard this year and cooking up some awesome fresh veggie-filled meals!  So, this month is all about food!  An eating-utensil-holder for picnicking or any other portable eating needs, a coaster or potholder depending on what size you make it, an apron made from a recycled shirt, and a little zine I made to share with you meatless things I like to make on my George Foreman grill…

May's club ebook cover

My favorite thing about the patterns this month is that both of them are completely modular, not even requiring so much as a picked up stitch!  No sewing or seaming of any kind, no breaking yarn partway through, etc.  When you’re done knitting, it’s done!

may's club - eat!

This Picnic Wrapper pattern has you start at one i-cord tip, work through the entire pattern, close up the side with a 3-needle bind-off as you work, then end at the tip of the other i-cord!  It works in a way that holds in whatever utensils, napkins, etc that you need to carry, grasping them in there securely with a pocket and one i-cord tie on the inside, then the flap side wraps around the whole thing and ties around into a convenient little bundle:

may's club - eat! may's club - eat!

The Blocky Coaster/Potholder pattern is a log-cabin-ish design, which will give you a different look if you choose to switch solid color yarns (like my potholder) or use one self-striping yarn for the whole thing (like my coaster).

may's club - eat!

The coaster is the official “quick knit” version, using approx 15 yards of worsted weight, and the potholder uses much more.  The pattern is given in 3 forms: worsted weight coaster and worsted weight potholder, like the 2 samples, and any-gauge/any-size, written with variables and some very basic math.

may's club - eat! may's club - eat!

The square is felted (/fulled) to thicken it up, and smooth out the bumps.  It’s knit up using lots of simple short rows – if you’ve made a Betiko, it’ll be very familiar to you.  Sideways edge cast-ons along the sides of the first few sections, then sideways edge bind-offs for the two thick side sections, all in garter stitch:

may's club - eat! may's club - eat!

The tutorial is a photo-filled explanation of how I made this pocketed apron from a recycled button-down shirt:

Recycled Shirt Pocket Apron

The collar of the shirt becomes the top pocket of the apron, and the shirt back’s bottom is the bottom edge of the apron…

Recycled Shirt Pocket Apron

I am no expert sewer, not even close, so mine is a bit messy, but if you have experience, then you could probably make a pretty awesome version using the same concepts.

Recycled Shirt Pocket Apron

And lastly, I made up this little folding zine that you can print out – there’s this colored one, and also a colorless version if you want to save printer ink.  It’s a bunch of things I like to make using my George Foreman grill, which is one of my favorite appliances, and one that I think is mostly associated with meat, so I thought people might like to learn about how great it is for non-meat-eaters as well.  But, of course, you can use lots of the “recipes” with other ways of cooking if you don’t have a GF grill.

meatless grilling mini-zine page from inside May's ebook

The ebook this month is a whopping 19 pages long!  $5 for this book alone, or $7 for a 2-month membership (next month is the last of the club!) – grab it on my site or on ravelry here.

Hey, I would love some theme ideas/requests for the last month!  I have a bunch of barely-developed ideas that I’ve come up with over the last almost-2-years doing quick knits, but nothing that I’m super excited about for the last ebook… Comment with theme ideas if you have any, or just with pattern concept ideas, and I could even do some kind of “by request” theme with different ideas that don’t necessarily have to relate… just a thought…

Which reminds me, it was a member who put the food theme idea out there – she suggested recipe cards, which I had been planning on doing at first, but then I guess the zine idea took over and those didn’t happen.  Thanks Ellen for that idea!!  Aaaand, it was a twitter follower who gave me the idea for the utensil holder pattern, but, sadly, twitter does not make it easy to search through old @ messages, so I can’t find who it was that gave me the idea – I’m sorry!

Ok that’s all, happy knitting!

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