February 14, 2009

mix it up!

roll around and laugh with me roll around and laugh with me

i have all kinds of fun stuff to post about, but i wanted to put it all on hold for now because valentines day has inspired me to post about my love of mixes!  i haven’t made one in awhile (my last one was a year and a half ago) because i haven’t been listening to much new music lately.  listening to mostly the same music as i was years ago means i’m not too inspired to make new mixes because they’ll have the same stuff as the old ones… but anyway, back in college and the year or two after, i didn’t do much crafting yet, but i was hardcore into crafting mixes! ha!

autumn comes... autumn comes...

so i’m showing you some of my favorites old ones i’ve made, because if you’re gonna make a mix, v-day is a great occasion to inspire one!  whether you make a sappy love mix, an angry anti-love mix, or a sad crying mix, i think mixes are a great way to express yourself and can make you feel better if you need it.

this is not my tune this is not my tune

i used to make mixes for gifts for individual people (like this one and this one), as well as general mixes to give out to all my friends.  every winter i’d make a mix for everyone, and for a couple years i organized these big mix swaps where you’d send mixes to all 20+ people, and you’d get one from each of them in return, it was awesome!  that one above – autumn comes and all of the sudden it’s gone – was for one of those swaps.

moving to portland mix cover moving to portland mix tracks

i am really proud of my moving to portland mix (above) that tells a whole story – i put so much work into it!  it starts out with being a californian, then wanting to leave california, looking for a place to move, saying bye to california, coming to portland, finding a home together, being in the portland rain, and being hopeful about our future together in portland.  yeah.

and then there’s the i love you 2 disc mix i made for pete for v-day a couple years ago (below).  there’s a hidden track on that one too – the last track on the second disc is phil collins’ a groovy kind of love.  my favorite parts are tracks 2 (when a woman loves a man and when a man loves a woman) and tracks 19 (love will tear us apart and love will keep us together)…

v-day mix (vol. 1+2)

and then there was my leethal mix that i used to give out with orders back in the early days when i first started selling stuff…  i still love love love this mix!

leethal vol1

(click on any of these track list pictures and click “all sizes” to read the tracks if you want to.)  that mix at the top was the first one i made for pete, then i made another one that i can’t find the artwork for, and an 80’s mix also – i found the track lists for both in a super old livejournal blog post.  pete has made some great ones for me too, but without artwork, so i’ll end this valentines post with the card pete made for me for v-day ’05, which also happened to be our second date! that’s the day i knew i was smitten…

pete's card pete's collage

by the way, the specific thing that inspired me to write this v-day post was listening to the all songs considered postcast on lesser-known love songs.  i was so so happy when carrie brownstein played the magnetic fields’ the book of love!  and there were some really funny quotes in the podcast, like “i feel like i’m the only one who came to the party and thought it was a costume party” and “i don’t think i’ve ever heard this song while not rollerskating backwards.”  and i’ve had harry nilsson’s without you stuck in my head for hours… but, in a good way.

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