October 6, 2007

mmmm hats hats hatshatshatshatshatsssss

i’ve always loved hats. always.

littleleehat1.jpg littleleehat3.jpg littleleehat4.jpg

littleleehat5.jpg littleleehat6.jpg

i think my love of hats came from my dad, who collected them when i was a kid. and when i was older and it wasn’t cool to wear hats, i always had a self-conscious thing about my frizzy hair, so it makes sense that i’d start wearing them again once high school and “coolness” was behind me. (not that i actually was cool, i wasn’t, but i cared, because i was in high school, you know how it was…)

so anyway, when i first started knitting and crocheting, which was about 5 years ago, i was way into the idea of making hats. and once i mastered the garter stitch scarf, that was pretty much all i made. i’ve made 80+ since then, and never get bored with them. i’m writing about this today because over the last couple weeks i’ve been going through one of my hat phases that happens every once in awhile during which i just can’t stop making them – i’ve made 5 in the last week and a half! all these design ideas go through my head and i have to try them out; i make one which leads to new ideas, then i have to make that one.

hat1.jpg purpleswirlhat1.jpg

scrapswirlhat10.jpg orangehat7.jpg

so i’ve been thinking about writing up some patterns for a couple of these and posting them here. i am most proud of the orange one – the shaping and everything is really perfect, so much better than i’d expected it to be based on my past results of my trial and error methods of design. and it’s pretty simple really, so i think that will be my first pattern, later this week probably.

my main purpose of putting up these patterns will be to teach beginning knitters, or knitters with little-to-no hat experience, some understanding of techniques i’ve learned so that you too can make up your own designs. i have been making up my own designs since the beginning – i didn’t even learn how to read a pattern until about a year ago – so i want to encourage knitters to venture outside of the pattern world a bit. by posting patterns… hmmm… doesn’t seem right. i guess the thing is, before i started reading/knitting from patterns, i was really limited in my techniques. patterns teach me so many new things that i come to understand enough to use in my own designs. so, i’ll be writing my patterns with this in mind, trying to help you really know what’s going on instead of just a series of letters and numbers that you follow to reach the end result. sound good? so, stay tuned for that!

oh, if you are on ravelry, you can see all (well, most) of my projects here. if not, my flickr has knit projects spread around a hats set, assorted knit stuff set, old stuff i made set (yeah i need to organize my flickr, i know).

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