December 14, 2008

monster hats galore! and more!

well the weather here in portland was very distracting today, but i’ve finally finished my big leethal shop update with the hats (and one pair of ninja mitts) that are left after my three holiday shows.  funny thing – last year people kept asking me if i had any kid’s hats, which i did not, so this year i made three of them, and sold none.  so, new in the shop are 3 kid size hats, and 4 adult size hats.  and some of them are special!

velcro eyes hat! velcro eyes hat! velcro eyes hat!

first, and most special, velcro eyes!  this is a concept i’d been planning on trying out for at least a year and a half (i remember pete and i brainstorming about it before moving to portland) and i’ve finally made it a reality!  the hat has velcro squares, and comes with 3 different eyes, which you could also mix and match if you wanted.

velcro eyes hat! velcro eyes hat!

the hat comes with a drawstring bag to hold the extra eyes, and a little loop sewn into the tag that the bag can hold onto for safe keeping.  i’m so excited to have finally made one of these, and i have plans to make even more elaborate velcro designs!

stretchy monster hat! stretchy monster hat! stretchy monster hat! stretchy monster hat!

and then there’s this one! it’s super duper stretchy (spandex blend!) so it’ll fit pretty much anyone (comfy on my 22″ head) and it’s long, so you can wear it floppy, folded up and down for an eared monster, or folded up and under for a plain eared hat. or there’s that last option!

floppy ears tie hat! floppy ears tie hat! floppy ears tie hat!

and i love this one! it’s an alpaca blend, wide and floppy, with braided ties hanging from the points.  it looks super cute tied back behind your head, or you can cover your ears and tie it under your chin!

leethal monster hat! leethal monster hat!

and there’s a good old fashioned monster hat! (and it’s a fancy one, with lots of hand-stitching!)  and here are the 3 kid’s hats:

kid's size leethal hat! kid's size leethal hat! kid's size leethal hat!

oh and the ninja mitts!  i made three pairs at the last minute on friday, and two of them sold on saturday, yay ninja mitts!  i love ’em, i’m so glad other people do too!

cabled ninja mitts! cabled ninja mitts! leethal ninja mitts!

ok so the thing about ordering stuff, any stuff, from my shop – if you want me to ship it before xmas, i have to get the order by noon (west coast time) on tuesday (the 16th).  i’m leaving for california on wednesday, and planning to take everything to the post office tuesday afternoon, so if i get your order after that i won’t be able to send it until the 27th when i’m back in town.

sorry to have a blog post all about my shop, but there will be a couple fun posts coming soon, i promise!

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