March 29, 2012

My first skirt of the season!

Well the weather is still pretty wintery here in Portland, but I’m excited about the bits of sunshine that happen occasionally in the spring, and I’ve recently been feeling the urge to sew up some new warm weather clothes!  Most years I tend to have big plans to make lots of new skirts and dresses, which don’t end up happening… I don’t know how the rest of the year will play out, but at least I’ve made one now!

pleats wraparound skirt pleats wraparound skirt

I’ve been slowly trying to get my studio in order, and the other day I went through a giant pile of reclaimed fabrics, mostly bought by the pound at Trillium, and mostly recycled upholstery fabric samples (and other similar things, donated to Trillium by interior design showrooms)… when I came across this set of three matching canvas rectangles I got inspired to try turning them into something.  Not the best skirt-making material, with some serious wrinkles which my iron just wasn’t capable of smoothing out, but I’m still pretty darn happy with the finished result!

pleats wraparound skirt pleats wraparound skirt

The skirt was inspired by the photo of this skirt from Interweave, which I came across on Pinterest last year, but I made mine with no pattern, just improvising and constantly trying it on as I did each step.  I just kept resewing the lines of the panels, curving them in more three times until the fit was good; not the most efficient way to do things, but it works for me, hah!

I started out my making a basic 3-panel wraparound skirt out of the three fabric pieces, but I made one side significantly longer than the other side.  I put buttons at the two top corners, as I would in a normal wraparound skirt – you can see below the top pearl button, and the arrow points to where the inner button is, holding up the inside corner.

pleats wraparound skirt

Then, while wearing it, I made the folds and marked all the spots where the buttonholes needed to be, for them to line up – three holes per button – and sewed the buttonholes:

pleats wraparound skirt

I put it on again, and figured out the best exact placements for each of the three buttons by putting in safety pins where the buttons would go, then sewed them on, ironed some more to really crease those pleats, and tah dah!

pleats wraparound skirt

My new spring skirt!  I wore it out last night, in the cold rain, with thick tights and tall boots… can’t wait till it’s actually spring weather and it makes more sense to wear out!

pleats wraparound skirt pleats wraparound skirt

Oh yeah, one last thing I’m considering doing… I may tack down the pleats in a few spots so they stay in place better.  And now that I’ve made this one, I plan to make some more similar ones, in better skirt fabrics.  Wraparound skirts are so easy to make, since you don’t need to worry about zippers or anything complicated like that (I am not an experienced sewer – zippers are scary!), and this is a fun twist that only takes a little more time and effort than a basic wraparound design.  Yay!

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  • Julia Oberhardt

    Cool skirt!  tip if you want to remove wrinkles, wash either on gentle cycle or by hand to reduce the possibility of more wrinkles, and do as my Japanese relatives do…fold the item & pat the wrinkles while damp & it tends to smooth them out.  Otherwise just before item is completely dry, iron & that smooths those damn wrinkles out as well.  I do that with all my linen fabric when I wash, & it works.

  • june walker

    love the skirt.. and I am with you, hate zippers!

  • Annieaellis

    I recently made some wrap skirts and I found a great customizable pattern that anyone can use. I love mine!! Here’s the link:

  • SallyMcEntire

    Very cute skirt! I have the pattern for the one from stitch and haven’t made it yet. I like how you just went for it and made it your own!

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