November 16, 2008

my other blogging – tutorials and more!

hey i’ve fallen behind on showing you my craftstylish tutorial posts!  so i’ll go back and tell you about the last 3 that i haven’t mentioned here…


a few weeks ago i explained how to make my short-rows wavy hat with multiple yarns striping, both with 2 row wide stripes and 1 wedge wide sections.

03-1wedge.jpg cottonwaveshat4.jpg

then last weekend my tutorial was for an all-recycled journal/sketchbook


the how-to was just how to make the book, i left the cover decoration up to the creator – i covered mine with decoupaged vintage book pages:


and lastly, today’s was for a collaged table with a built-in game board!


here are some shots of my coffee table – i made it a couple years ago, so i’m happy to have written the tutorial now so it gets seen by people outside of my living room…

trivialpursuitfinished.jpg 10trivialpursuitgamecloseup.jpg

13trivialpursuitbwwithcolor.jpg 14trivialpursuitmolecules.jpg

old books have weird pictures!!

and while i’m linking you over to blog posts i’ve written elsewhere… i’m still doing weekly diy roundups every friday on threadbanger – the latest one was one of my favorites i’ve ever done! a roundup full of way creepy cool ski masks, with lots of free patterns!  these are the masks i made a few years ago when i went through a mask phase:

my ski masks!

in addition to the roundups, i’m now doing cool website alerts every week now – my last couple were one of my long-time favorites, craft leftovers, and one of my new favorite blogs, dollar store crafts.

if you want to keep up with all my various blog posting, i usually tweet when posts go up – my twitter name is _leethal_.  yay twitter!

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