October 5, 2007

my very own creative space!


(click here to see it full size)

my studio is ready for sharing! i’m so happy with it, i just want to spend all day every day in here crafting! it’s not completely done yet, the walls are still pretty bare, all the space above the shelving and cork board… i’ll figure out something interesting to do with it. and i have plans for curtains, they are gonna rock sooo hard! a lot of the photos look kinda messy because there is so much going on, but it’s all very organized and everything is up on a shelf or in a bin or basket so there is no actual clutter at all. which is amazing for me, seriously, i am the master of clutter. i’m working hard to keep it all organized and putting things back after using them, it’s tough but it’s worth it! so here we go….

(oh, i should mention, my studio is half of what’s meant to be the master bedroom – the other half is pete’s studio. any music gear heads out there might want to click on over and drool over his mac pro setup. not my thing, but it’s pretty rad. so you are going to be seeing my half – one wall and the closet.)

first, the corner opposite from the door and up to the center of the wall: my desk and sewing table


studiodesk.jpg studiosewingsection.jpg

the desk is where my laptop goes, with my printer and scanner, and i can hook it up to my nice speakers (thanks pete!). for music, i also have my rad old record player, and there’s a radio over on the other side for npr listenin’.

noteworthy on the desk: i love my knitting needles in the orange+blue ikea vases; that awesome wine thing looks neato and i plan to use it for yarn display at craft shows when i start selling hand dyed/spun skeins; i got that green spherical clock at a fundraising sale at in other words for $4 – when you smack the top, a computer voice tells you the time!

thift store finds: the long desktop shelf is from the bins (milwaukie branch), the turquoise unit also from the bins, the wine thing from value village, the framed craft prints (sewing machine, iron+scissors, spinning wheel) on the corner wall from a shop in orange, ca. one other fun thing: on the top turquoise shelf you can see a chunk of wood – that’s a weaving loom i think my dad made for me when i was in maybe 3rd grade-ish, and the weaving on there is from when i was a kid and was always starting projects and never finishing them. so glad i’ve grown past that!

ok and now the sewing table. nothing much on it, but what’s above it is pretty cool. i made the cork board with that fabric i found at knittn kitten, then i stuck a magnet strip from ikea across the bottom. i need to find a frame for that print by chloe goodwin (from crafty wonderland!) then i might do another magnet strip, not sure yet.

the spool racks were both made from thrifted wood strips. the first one, on the left, i made with a wood game board of some kind found at value village. there were already holes, which i thought would make it easier/better, but they ended up preventing the nails from going in at an angle, making spools slide right off. so that’s why i have some little mini spools on that one, just for looks really. the real one was made from a SCRAP scrap, but it only fits about half my spools, so i’ll continue searching for good wood scraps and add a second one at some point.

best thrift store find: the desk/sewing table at the bins for $10! amazing art-deco round edge style in fantastic condition! love love love it!

next up, work table area:


studioworktable.jpg studioaboveworktable.jpg

this is where i do my printing, carving, button making… anything potentially messy or able to ruin a tabletop. i have a mini ironing board that lives on here a lot of the time, too. my button-making station is over on the left side, ready to go at any moment, with all the elements living in my custom-made button-parts organizer. that light is two pieces of two different broken ikea lights put together – it works!

then behind the table is all my recyclable clothing – t-shirts on top, sweatshirts and sweaters in the middle, somewhat organized into “not yet cut into” and “partially used” sections. underneath the table (to the right) lives a giant bin of scraps – tshirt sleeves and other small parts. under the clothing shelves are some bins of various supplies.

over on the tall shelf live my printing supplies, small bins of little things, random crafty tools and stuff. and on top, ikea trees grow embroidery hoops!

and lastly, the closet:


studioclosethighcloseup.jpg studioclosetfloor.jpg

this is where all my yarn and fabric lives. and record bowls, and heads. i’m proud of my fabric organization, it took a lot of time and work! each piece is wrapped around a piece of cardboard box and filed neatly away in the boxes. so much better than the messy piles in bins system i used to have.

and the yarn, i’m so happy with the yarn! mmmm organization! that’s not all of it, of course, but what’s not visible hanging is neatly in a couple bins – one specifically for “to be dyed” yarn, one for duplicate skeins and stuff i don’t use much…. and then in the bigger sections are to-be-unraveled sweaters, and have-been-unraveled sweaters. and then some nice yarn kept safely in cd-r spindle containers. (most of my yarn is crap cheap stuff i’ve acquired over the years, so i like to keep the good stuff separate.)

then there are my projects in progress hanging, and some other yarn-related stuff. on the floor underneath is clothing to-be-reconstructed, more fabric, and more yarn. in the big hanging things outside of the closet are lightweight craft supplies in the black one, and my leethal inventory in the blue one. (i don’t have a very big inventory.)

whew that was a long tour! i tried to keep it somewhat minimal (but i think i failed, oh well) – if you want to see more photos, my flickr has shots of closet yarn closer-up, closet corner and again with tree detail, view of whole wall from closet, and of course you can click on any image up there to see it bigger.

i just want to say that i know how lucky i am to have this studio, i really owe it to portland for being so awesome and cheap! i know most crafty people out there couldn’t afford this much space in their home to devote to making things, but hopefully i’ve inspired some of you to create some kind of space if you don’t already have one, because it really does make a difference, having a specific place you can go just to be creative and productive. and of course, if crafting isn’t your thing, having a space for whatever your thing is – be it music, painting, writing, podcasting, robot-building – is a great thing and puts you in a better state of mind for creating. yay!

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