August 3, 2012

Mystery shawl knit-a-long!!

It’s beginning!  Well, it’s in the very beginning stages of beginning, but yeah, you can now sign up for the leethal mystery shawl 2012 knit-a-long!  Woooo!

leethal mystery shawl knit-a-long!

The knitting won’t actually begin until October 1st, but if you sign up now you’ll get the week 0 pdf with all the yarny info you need to decide on yarns/colors… there are lots of options!  Shocking, I know!

leethal mystery shawl knit-a-long!

The mystery shawl is for any weight yarn – make any size in any weight – and there are lots of different ways you can choose to work with color, from the most simple 1 color for the background, 1 color for the contrasting details, all the way to some various complex options involving 2 colors for the background and multiple colors for the contrasting.  The week 0 pdf goes into some details about the options without giving anything away about the design.  And you can catch some glimpses here of how there are small details of color over a solid background…

leethal mystery shawl knit-a-long!

It’s hard doing a mystery photo shoot!  I decided to do a modeled shoot, to give the knit-a-long more leethal personality, but how do you photograph yourself modeling something without showing what the thing looks like?  Tricky, I tell you!  So one idea I came up with was breaking out my pinhole lens – the blurry shots (below 2 and the top one) are pinhole!  Fun stuff – I really should play with it more often!

leethal mystery shawl knit-a-long!

So, a few more details are on the ravelry page, and my mystery shawl page includes yardage estimates, which are also in the week 0 pdf of course.  Also on that page, you’ll find 6 different mystery photos with the text like the one below, which you can download and use as placeholder photos on your ravelry project page.

leethal mystery shawl knit-a-long!

As for the knit-a-long itself: the 5 pattern section pdfs will be released to knit-a-longers each Monday in October (starting the 1st); each following Friday, a spoiler pdf will be released with photos of how that week’s section looks (which you can choose not to open).  There will be a ravelry forum thread for each week, where you can be free to post photos and talk all about how it’s going, and there will also be a photo-free no-spoilers thread for questions.

Sign-ups right now are $5; when knitting starts on October 1st, the price will go up to $6, same as the final pattern price.  The complete pattern will be released on Monday, November 5th.

leethal mystery shawl knit-a-long!

Something super exciting for Portland knitters – there will be an in-person home base for the knit-a-long at my favorite local yarn shop, Twisted!  Details will be announced very soon in the Twisted rav forums; I’ll be in attendance most weeks, if not every week, at the real life knit night, so I can answer questions, photograph your in-progress shawl for your rav page, and refuse to tell you if you’re right about future section predictions ;)  It’ll be so hard for me to be mysterious, but I’m looking forward to it so hard!

leethal mystery shawl knit-a-long!

If any yarn shops anywhere else want to host in-person knit-a-longs in your shop, the mystery shawl is available wholesale through ravelry’s in-store sales program.  The pattern works with any weight yarn, so you can pick out favorite shop yarns that would make good shawls – if you want to know if a particular yarn would be a good match, ask me and I’ll let you know!

Anzula yarn

Speaking of yarn… The Anzula sample I mentioned I was working on a couple weeks ago, in the above yarns, turned out beautifully!  The yellow and green are the main two colors, and there are small details throughout in the navy and caramel colors.  It’s a large size and it’s so cozy I want it to not be summer so I can wear it constantly!!

And I’m currently working on my final sample, a small size version in Black Trillium Merilon Sock yarn, in a subtle dye lot of the Star variegated colorway, with a recycled white silk (or unknown silk blend?) as the contrasting yarn – photographed below before unraveling the reclaimed sweater piece.  I am super loving it!  Warning about using indie dyed variegated yarns for this shawl: if using a variegated yarn for the main color, it needs to be very subtle, with no contrasty colors involved.  This skein of the Star yarn is perfect, but I’ve noticed that other skeins in the same colorway are sometimes much less subtle – still beautiful, but with darker purples and a more intense variegation.  Wonderful for other projects, but not for the main color of this particular shawl.  Point being, if you do choose to use any variegated yarn as the main color, buy it in person so you can look at the exact skeins and make sure they are quiet enough, in terms of contrasty-ness.

Black Trillium Merilon Sock

If you have a contrasty variegated yarn that you’d love to use, you can totally use it as the contrasting color in the shawl!  Just use a solid as the main/background color, something neutral or nicely matching with the variegated, and it’ll work out great, no problem.  So many options with this shawl, you can pretty much use whatever yarn grabs your attention.  And then you can head over to the ravelry group forum and share your yarn choices with everyone!  Yeah!

I can’t wait for cast-on day, and I know it’s far away right now, but it’ll come quickly I’m sure!  For now, thanks for your early sign-ups, since they help me out in this summertime slow period, and have fun picking out your yarns!  Yay!

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