September 2, 2008

new extra fun buttons!

now in the shop: recycled portland map buttons! they come from se portland walking maps found in mass quantity at scrap. since i have many maps, i am happy to take custom portland location button requests!

recycled map buttons

the map is basically se out to 112th, but there is a little ne and a bit along the west side of the river. these are the approximate boundaries…

  • north: broadway/hancock
  • south: pioneer cemetery/rockwood/johnson creek
  • west: waterfront park/willamette park/riverview cemetery
  • east: 112th

so, if there is a park/garden/bridge/etc or any specific intersection within those boundaries that you’d want a button of, to show your neighborhood pride or your favorite spot, just let me know. for custom buttons i’m charging $3 for the first one, then $1.50 for each additional button when ordered at the same time.

here’s how it’ll work: you email me (leethalkoala at yahoo dot com) and tell me what spots (intersections, park names, whatever) you want. i’ll check out the map to make sure i can do it and let you know, then i’ll send you a paypal invoice for whatever the total is (no shipping charge on buttons!) and make them and send them out asap. easy peasy!

here are the two custom buttons i made for myself – the intersection where i live, and one of my favorite portland spots, knittn’ kitten on glisan+76th. as you can see, a button of an intersection won’t necessarily have the name of either street on the button (i don’t live on center). but you’ll know where it is!

my pdx buttons

as for non-custom buttons. most of the buttons i’ve made are parks, the rest are gardens, bridges, and a few other random spots. 1 button is $1 and i’ll pick a neat one, or you can get a set of 6 for $5, and i’ll pick a good variety (probably something like 4 parks, 1 bridge, 1 garden or something, all with different looks).

and the other new button set in the shop: respect the needles, tame the yarn!


most people probably don’t know what those words came from… well i can’t exactly tell you here on the blog, but it’s a play on a quote by frank t.j. mackey (tom cruise’s character) in magnolia, one of my favorite movies. you can find the quote on this page if you want to. my weirdo sense of humor thinks it’s really funny to take a vulgar, misogynistic quote by a vulgar, misogynistic character and turn it into a silly knitting phrase. hopefully there are some knitters out there with weirdo senses of humor like me…

i print the buttons out on white paper, then i color some with colored pencils, so i’ll gladly take color requests! when you order the set, just send me a quick email letting me know what color(s) you’d like.

there’s one more new store update coming soon, but for now i need to get to work on some secret projects!! oooh you’ll find out soon enough…..

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