March 10, 2011

New free pattern – Cassady! (plus trivia!)

What a week it’s been!  My blog was down for most of yesterday and the first half of today, for some unknown reason, but it’s back now so that’s great!  I hosted trivia night for my first time last night and it went really well!!  I had so much fun designing all my categories and questions that I’ve thought of a fun way to recycle them…  I’ll try it for a few days and if it’s working out well then I’ll keep it up through all 40 of my questions!

Starting tomorrow (Friday) about 10:30am-ish probably (west coast time) I’ll tweet my first trivia question – the first twitterer to reply with the correct answer will win a $2 off coupon code to my knitting pattern shop, or the Bad Movie Bingo pdf, your choice.  I’ll put a limit of one win per person, per category – there are 4 categories with 10 questions each.

If it’s tons of fun, I might do 2 questions per day, at different times of the day, so if you aren’t available to play the first question, maybe you’ll be around for the second… I’ll probably do 1 question per day through this weekend, then on Monday I’ll tweet my trivia plans for the week.  Sorry to non-twitterers, this is just a fun thing that twitter is the perfect platform for – once all the questions have been tweeted, I’ll throw the whole thing here on the blog.

update 3/14: ok I’m going to try to do 2 questions each day (maybe just one or none on weekend days though) – around 10:30am and 6pm west coast time.

Zach's Shack

That above is Zach’s Shack, where the trivia night happened last night, by the way… and now I’ll shut up about this trivia nonsense and move on to what you probably care more about!


I have a new free pattern!  Cassady!  (Once again named by Mary-Heather, who also named my Swerve and Betiko patterns, making her my official naming genius.)  It was posted on WhipUp blog a couple days ago, for the guest blogger series – I talked a bit about the sideways edge cast-on I’ve been using, and how it’s kind of hard to grasp without actually doing it.  Once you do it, you see how easy it is, so here’s a free and quick way to try it out!


The kerchief is for any-gauge, and custom fit to your head – pick out a pretty self-striping or variegated yarn to show off in the 2 different directions of garter stitch.  This example was knit up in Knitted Wit worsted weight merino; I think it will work fabulously in a sock weight yarn.

The way the pattern works, there’s no need for a gauge swatch, as you start with just 1 single cast-on stitch, work out from there (starting with the tip of one side of the ties) and measure as you go, making the sideways stitches to fit perfectly around your head, then working the main part with decreases along the edges to make the triangular body.

Whether or not that made sense to you, trust me, it’s easy and awesome – there’s no swatching, no seaming, no picking up stitches… magic!


I’ve been wearing mine around the house pretty much every day since I made it, like I am in the photo above, to hold my hair back out of my face… you can also wear it around your neck if you like, though that might look better with a more drapey yarn choice:


I also knit up a sample in a bulky self-striping yarn, but I don’t like it as much – while you can technically knit Cassady in any weight yarn, I’d recommend no heavier than worsted… this one functions, but I just don’t like something about the way it fits and the bulk…

Cassady in bulky yarn

So that’s that – knit yourself a Cassady in some leftover yarn (you could even stripe to use up smaller bits of multiple yarns!) and be sure to post the project in ravelry so I can see your version!  Yay!

Oh yeah, I also released March’s quick knits club ebook on Monday, but I’ll save that for another blog post sometime soon!

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