February 18, 2009

new leethal pattern: skoodlet!

my bulky skoodlet my bulky skoodlet

it’s here!  i got super consumed with getting this pattern done and released as quickly as i possibly could while it’s still cold, and here it is! about three weeks after first sketching out the concept, and many sections frogged and redesigned throughout the process.  it’s my first pattern i’ve ever had test knit – thank you soooo much to my test knitters!! especially adrienne, casey, anna, queta, and oliviaupdate: and i don’t know how the heck i forgot about vivian! thanks vivian!! and extra thanks to casey for helping me choose the name!  skoodlet, of course, is a combination of scarflet and hood, yay!

my rainbowy skoodlet my bulky skoodlet

the reason i needed to have it test knit is that i wrote the pattern so you can use any yarn/needles/gauge!  there are a bunch of variables that you determine based on your gauge, which you plug into the pattern, and there you go!  so my examples that you see here are knit with super bulky (two strands of malabrigo chunky held together) and size 19 needles, and with recycled worsted shetland and size 9 needles.  it was test knit with all different weights/sizes and it works!  the default size is adult medium, as seen here, but there are notes throughout the pattern for resizing it bigger or smaller.

my bulky skoodlet my rainbowy skoodlet

so this design started when i wanted to do something fun with my sleeve dyed yarn (which i wrote about here) and i envisioned some kind of hood with a scarflet, which i figured i could find a pattern for… well, i couldn’t find just what i wanted, so i designed it myself!  some patterns with shapes and ideas that definitely influenced and inspired my design were cosy’s pixie hood and her flutter neck scarf (in her book), as well as the spincycle third wave harf by kate burge and rachel price in intertwined.  my hood is constructed differently from most (or all) that i’ve seen though – it’s knit from side to side for the top part, with a provisional cast-on, then down from side-side to the neck…  you can kind of see how it’s worked by looking at the hand-dyed one:

my rainbowy skoodlet my rainbowy skoodlet

this one, because it was my first try at the design, ended up being too big, and i redid the scarflet part like 4 times i think, finally frogging it one last time and following the pattern once i finalized it.  so, if you’re knitting the pattern and think 8 inches for the hood seems too small, keep in mind that this rainbowy hood is 10 inches, which turned out ridiculously big!  but that means i can wear it over a hat or earmuffs no problem, like this:

my rainbowy skoodlet

ok, onto pattern info details and links and stuff…

you’ll need:

-enough yarn of your choice (yardage will depend on the weight – for worsted it’s approximately 200-250 yards and for super bulky around 150 yards)
-1 pair straight needles sized for your yarn
-1 circular needle of the same size 24″ or longer
-4 stitch markers (preferably 4 different colors) (you may want to use more markers)
-yarn/tapestry needle
-also helpful will be one much smaller straight needle
-a ruler or gauge checking tool

and these are techniques in the pattern, with links to tutorials with photos.  there are written instructions in the pdf, but if you need some visual help, here you go!

-figure-8 style provisional cast-on method, which is like this one on knitty but with a circular needle instead of scrap yarn, or like the figure-8 cast-on on hello yarn but you leave the second side on the circular needle instead of knitting in the round
-knitting on cast-on method (knitty tutorial)
-open eyelet buttonhole how-to on knit world
-sew a vertical seam on stockinette stitch how-to on knit simple
-k2tog (knit 2 together) and ssk (slip 2 stitches as if to knit, then knit those 2 stitches together) decreases
-make 1 increase how-to on the purl bee
-how to wrap short rows on the purl bee


that’s how it looks after binding off, before seaming and buttons… oh and by the way, that yellow stripe was just switching to a new yarn for the bind off row, because my yarn ran out during that last row, which ended up being a good thing because i love the yellow stripe! yay!

my bulky skoodlet my bulky skoodlet

the pattern pdf is 6 pages jam-packed with text and some photos – designed so that you should only have to print out the two black-ink-only pattern pages, and can read the rest on your screen to save ink+paper.  there are notes for resizing, technique how-tos, a modification for a shorter neck back if you want, and the pattern is spaced out with plenty of room to fill in all your numbers for your specific gauge.

the pdf is $5.50 and you can find in here on ravelry, or you can buy it by clicking this link! thanks!

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