July 21, 2008

new leethal recycley fun stuff!

pile o' melted needles

so you may have seen my threadbanger post a couple weeks ago about melting vintage knitting needles into jewelry… well, if you don’t want to try it out yourself, i now have my store stocked with necklaces and bracelets!

aqua needle bracelet needle bracelet with marker charms red needle bracelet

each necklace comes with a custom matching recycled paperclip + vintage beads stitch marker pendant, and the bracelets are made to hold stitch markers like charms, making them super useful for knitters.

red needle necklace aqua needle necklace yellow needle necklace

i’m keeping the prices low because, well to be totally honest, i have broken a couple already… they don’t break super easily, but they do snap if you’re not careful, so yeah… i’m hoping low prices will prevent any angry customers.

another thing that worries me a little is this incident. from what i can gather, someone out there believes that this needle bracelet idea is their original concept, which is totally ridiculous because it’s the same thing as toothbrush bracelets, which of course have been around forever, and no one can claim they invented the concept of melting plastic. so… by selling these, i am most definitely not saying they are my idea (although, i have not ever seen needle necklaces anywhere), and i am encouraging people to make their own, but throwing some up for sale for anyone who would rather just buy one cheaply from me instead of diy-ing it. just like my record bowls, same thing, diy if you want to, buy from me if you don’t. yeah? hope that’s cool with everyone!

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