July 23, 2009

new leethal.net is up!

Wow I can’t believe it’s up!  2 months+ of serious work, it’s a weird (good!) feeling for it to be done!  Well, not done done, it’ll always be a work in progress, always new stuff to add, but it’s up and you can see it!!  There’s so much going on, I’m dividing it into a few posts throughout the day – first, the new site in general, next will be about the new quick knits section!

new leethal header

You can click around and see for yourself, so I won’t tell you about obvious things (and there’s also the stuff I talked about last week).  Pleasepleaseplease let me know if you notice any typos, errors, broken links, weirdness, confusing anything, something looks weird on your browser, etc.  This was so much work spread out over so much time there’s a really good chance I missed some mistakes somewhere…

One fun new thing – free leethal wallpapers!  I’ll be adding more soon, then whenever I feel like it; there are not many photos yet, so I’m hoping to add more of those over the next few days…  The tile patterns are from photos or scans, made into boxes that will tile seamlessly on your desktop!  They’re meant for personal use only – if you want to use one as a website/blog background or anything else public, please credit me and link to leethal.net, and please let me know, thanks!

new leethal wallpapers

Something random you may have noticed – it was always part of my leethal branding (or something, branding is weird) that everything throughout my site and blog was lower-case, but I’ve decided to re-brand that aspect.  There’s still lots of lower-case throughout leethal.net (including “leethal” which I always spell lower-case), but for the most part sentences and names and things are capitalized and the blog will be too, starting now.  More professional, dontcha think?

Moving on, here are some aesthetic comparisons between the old and the new sites, just for fun…

oldleethal01 leethal.net

Home page – the new home page not only works as navigation to any section of the site, but it has some featured stuff, my twitter feed, and a search bar!

oldleethal02 leethal shop

Shop – after designing the new site, I really hate how the old shop looked!  Most exciting thing about the new shop: click the pictures and see!  Also new, an info section and a feedback page!

oldleethal12 leethal yarn

Patterns and Yarn – instead of smooshing everything knit-related into one single page, I’ve given patterns and yarn each their own section, with every single pattern getting its own page, and each type of yarn getting a page with big photos!  The only problem is that old links to patterns will direct to the yarn section, and old links to handspun for sale to the yarn gallery (handspun is for sale in the shop now).  But I think navigation is easy enough that it’s obvious where you should go to find what you’re looking for.

leethal favicon

Another thing I’m excited about – I’ve added a favicon to leethal!  That’s that little icon you can see in the url bar, or the tab, or the bookmark, depending which browser you’re using.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me in Firefox because of the cache or something, but it does show in Safari, and it shows in Firefox when I go to the old leethal.coloredlights.net address as you can see above.  Also, I don’t know how to put it in the blog because that’s php which I don’t know…

Speaking of coding, I feel pretty accomplished to have gotten so far in css!  A few months ago I knew absolutely nothing about css, and now I’ve made a pretty lengthy stylesheet for all of leethal, it’s error free, and I feel like I could totally go into any style sheet and know what it’s talking about! Yeah!

Ok that’s all for now… except, if you’ve ever gotten leethal yarn and knit it into something, be sure to add photos to the flickr pool or send them to me, so I can link to your creation from the yarn page! Woo!

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