August 31, 2008

new patches and kits in the shop!

first real quick, if you’re in the portland area, i just want to let you know my zine is restocked at powell’s on hawthorne (it had been sold out for a long time, and is still out downtown), newly stocked at guapo comics, and still stocked at q is for choir. in case anyone local wants to take a look… (of course, if you’re not local, you can just buy it through me)

leethal recycled fabric coffee patch! leethal recycled fabric tea patch! leethal recycled fabric beer patch!

i just added about 15 new clock kits (scroll to the bottom of the page) and a bunch of new patches! wooooo! here is my blog post about both my patches and clock kits from the time of the first batches. and here’s what the clock kit mini-zines look like:

clock kit zines

and a few of my favorite new clock faces:

leethal clock kit! leethal clock kit! leethal clock kit!

as for the patches, i made a top-stitched version of each different design, including the ones at the top, and these:

leethal recycled fabric tape recorders patch! leethal recycled fabric shoot patch!

i made a bunch of new “i’m a baller” patches too, but they sold out at the zine symposium! i’ll try to make more soon! all clock kits and patches are assorted recycled fabrics, printed by me with my hand-carved linoleum blocks.

also new in the shop, 2 different overdyed merino bracelet kits! the one that’s just called “overdyed brown” is dyed with bits of green and blue, which only shows up in short spots, making a cool subtly-variegated brown yarn. the dark red is the same original brown merino, overdyed with lots of red, making a nice deep solid red yarn.

knit bracelet kit - overdyed brown merino knit bracelet kit - dark red merino

the other 2 bracelet kits, which are variegated yarn, normally cost more because of the multi-colors, but i’ve put them on sale for the same as the others because i have a bunch of them and want to make room for new colors. they are a bulkier weight wool blend, one dyed pastelish shades of blue, green, and bits of orange, and the other is shades of purples and (purpleish) red.

variegated knit bracelet kit variegated knit bracelet kit

(because those are older kits, the buttons are hiding underneath the yarn, so you’ll be surprised!)

ok that’s all for now, but there will be more shop news tomorrow, and hopefully another tutorial very soon!!

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