November 29, 2009

New pattern and kits: Double Scoops!

earmuffs10 headband08

It’s my new leethal pattern and kits!!  Woooo!  This one has been a seriously long time in the making, so I’m super exciting for it to be released for all to see!!  Double Scoops is a dual-purpose pattern for either ice cream earmuffs or a headband – and for the custom kits you can choose from 16 different hand-dyed ice cream flavor yarns!  (check out all the flavors on the kits page)  The pattern pdf is available on its own for $4 (through my shop or ravelry), and kits range in price depending on the specifics – online kit orders include a copy of the pdf as well.

earmuffs11 kit01

The earmuffs are made with two 2 scoop cones – mine are pistachio, vanilla covered in extreme sprinkles, black cherry chocolate cheesecake, and spumoni!

earmuffs08 earmuffs12

These ties are twisted, and the top piece is braided.  And the lining is my handspun 100% alpaca! So warm and cozy!

alpaca lining earmuffs03

The headband is two 3 scoop cones connected at the top – mine are orange cream, rainbow sherbet, vanilla with chocolate fudge, rocky road, neapolitan, and strawberry:

headband15 headband09

The ties here are braided, and the lining is the gray-blue 100% cotton:

headband13 headband16

So, you want some back story?  Way back in I think early summer of 2008, my buddy Amber asked if I could custom knit her some ice cream cone earmuffs, to proclaim her love of ice cream to the world all winter long.  What a genius idea – thanks so much to Amber for that original concept!!  So it got me brainstorming about custom dyeing yarn for her cones, which then got me thinking about turning the whole concept into kits!  Well I made her pair, which turned out ok, but not quite how I’d envisioned them… I tried putting cables in the tops to look like soft-serve swirls, but that was kind of a fail.  And I used seed stitch for the cones, which did not look like waffle cone texture. And I crocheted the back lining on around the outside, making an outline and further distorting the ice cream shapes.

ice cream earmuffs ice cream earmuffs on me

I put the project up on ravelry, and got almost no response, so I got a bit discouraged and put the whole idea on hold while I pursued other designs.  Well a couple of months ago I decided to pick it back up, do some redesigning, and get it out to you by the holiday season.  That process started with a big batch of 8 ice cream dyed yarns!  So fun!

Ice Cream Yarn! Ice Cream Yarn!

My initial redesign included Barbara Walker’s Long-Slip Textured Pattern for the cones, and rounded tops.  After finishing the earmuff pieces, I brainstormed up the headband idea – adding one extra scoop to each and joining them at the tops.  (The flavors you see below are, left to right: lighter rainbow sherbet, berry chocolate swirl, mint chip, mocha fudge, spumoni, orange cream, blueberry cheesecake, and raspberry.)

firsttryearmuffs01 firsttryheadband08

So I made a complete headband, with merino/angora/cashmere blend lining, crocheted the pieces together, then decided the design wasn’t quite complete.  The final design is basically the same, except with reverse stockinette ridges at the bottoms of each scoop to look more scoop-like, and the top scoops are rounded in more.  Sadly, I like the flavors in this first no-good headband (as well as the fancy lining) much better than my final headband!


And (after a twitter poll) I decided sewing the pieces together is the better way to go, but I still included crochet directions in the pdf in case anyone prefers, which looks like this.  It makes the edges thicker, which you may or may not like…

firsttryheadband04 firsttryheadbandedge

As for the kits, they include scoops of yarn in your choice of ice cream flavors, coffee-dyed wool for the cones, and your choice of back lining yarn, packaged in some kind of clear, recycled container (from Scrap), with the pattern booklet, marked with the custom kit contents on the back.  I have a bunch of these containers pictured below, but they don’t have lids, so I’m not sure how to close them up; today I scored with some tennis ball containers with lids, which are super perfect like they’re made for ice cream knit kits!  But, the thing about keeping my packaging recycled, those will run out and I’ll have to find something new, so packaging is definitely subject to change.

kit04 kit

I’m glad I got this released before December 1st, since a kit would make a fun gift for a knitter, and finished earmuffs or a headband would make a great (relatively quick to make) gift for someone silly like me who would wear such a thing, or for a kid!  As Pearl shows us:

pearl05 pearl02

Links all together in one place for you:  kits are in the shop, the pattern page on, and the ravelry pattern page here.

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