February 24, 2016

New pattern: Vire!

The Triyang collection is now complete (see the whole collection on my site here or on ravelry here)!  The cabled design is Vire, and it looks like this:


It’s the most narrow of all the designs in the collection, more of a scarf than a shawl kind of, and it’s super squishy and cozy with all the cables!

Vire! Vire!

The bottom starts with a braided cable which gets wider as it grows sideways, then shrinks down to a point to finish the first section.  The growing braid was inspired by the concept of a french braid, which gathers a little more hair each time the braid crosses – this cable adds 1 more stitch to each part as it crosses, slowly getting thicker.


The middle section has some twisty cables with purl eyelets between, helping the section to not pull in and mess with the shape, and adding a little openness to the dense cabley piece.


And then the third section has a layered cables-over-cables design for a cozy warm top part.


I’ll blog specifically about the Custom Triyang pattern later, but I used the top section of Vire in my sample, so here’s that section (the gold top part) in a different context, and in a heavier yarn weight:

Custom Triyang!

Like Twou, Vire is sized based on gauge; my sample is in worsted weight at a standard-ish (or a bit extra dense) gauge (approx 21 stitches per 4 inches stockinette), so use an aran or bulky weight yarn to get a larger piece.  Mine used 360 yards worsted; I estimate that you’d need about 420 yards of aran, or about 500 yards of bulky.  My sample is not huge, but because of the cables it’s plenty warm to wear!


I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Targhee Worsted for my sample, and I LOVE it.  It comes in a GIANT skein (616 yards) which means I have plenty left to make a matching hat and pair of mitts!  If you want a bigger Vire though, I have good news for you: Blue Moon also offers Targhee Bulky!  The yardage on that one is 462 yards, unfortunately, which means you might consider making your section 1 in a contrasting color, or you could buy 2 skeins and have plenty left over for matching accessories.  There’s a really good chance you’d be able to complete a Vire with that yardage, I just can’t guarantee it.  Blue Moon has amazing colorways, by the way, if you’re not familiar with them – this one is Blue Moonstone.

yarn being used in Triyang collection pattern sample

If you are new to learning about the Triyang collection, all the patterns use the same modular construction (with no picked up stitches) – you can learn more about that in the Triyang pattern blog post, and you can read about Twou here, which is the lace design.  All the collection pattern sections are mix-and-match-able with the Custom Triyang pattern, so if you love just one of the Vire sections, you can use that section along with garter stitch, or stockinette, or lace or colorwork designs from the Twou or Liy patterns.  (I haven’t blogged about Liy yet, that’s coming soon.)

Vire! Vire! Vire!

Check everything out on ravelry here (including lots of different Custom Triyangs by other knitters); and if you’re a leethal VIP club member you’ll get 20% off Vire or the full collection!


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