April 5, 2010

New Stitch Sets, Kits, and Spoils!

Oh my gosh new connect-the-dots stitch sets!!  Wooo!!  New in the shop are Sea Creatures, Ocean Abyss (plus a special Under the Sea 10 pack option!), and Rock Instruments


…plus, kits!!  There’s a 3 Set Kit, and an Ultimate 5 Set Kit!  (scroll down close to the bottom)  Kits come with a hoop, needle, and assorted colors of embroidery floss (from Knittn’ Kitten, the reason I bought so much the other day).  When ordering a kit, you can choose whether you want each set packaged normally, or have them all shuffled together for maximum mystery fun!  Also, you fill in a box with which sets you want; if you wanted to be even more surprised, you could write something like “anything except for dinosaurs,” or “sea creatures and surprise me for the rest!”

new stitch set Kits!! new stitch set Kits!!

The Ocean Abyss set is my personal favorite of the new sets – creepy creatures of the deep sea depths!  The example is an angler fish:

Angler Fish! Angler Fish!

I’ve also done a huge makeover to the spoilers page – now, all the extra example pictures are over there, plus you can click to see pictures of mystery images that I’ve stitched from each set!!  So if  you’re super curious about what other creatures, craft tools, cameras, etc, the sets have to offer, you can click to spoil just one at a time and still keep some images a mystery!!


Want a bit of detail about how the actual stitching works?  Basically, you can stitch up the sets however you want, but they come with an instruction sheet with 3 different ways to connect the dots.  The second way is the how the drum set above was done – by making long back stitches between each number, then tacking them down after they’re all connected, you can make the lines curved and make the picture neater.  Below, that method in progress:

In-progress stitching! In-progress stitching!

Then the stitches were tacked down with a contrasting, variegated thread.  See how the tentacles are all curvy?


The main other method is short back stitches, which means only one step instead of two (no going back over the whole thing a second time), but the lines will generally be more choppy, from number to number, since you’re not going back over it to neaten it all up.  (For the record, I like this way best – I like it looking a wee bit choppy/un-perfect and I much prefer one step to two steps!)  This one was done that way:


Another example of the long stitch method, tacking the lines down curved – and you can see in the tail part how you can decide to tack together lines, or separate them, if they’re close together…

Angler Fish!

The yellow/green fabric angler fish at the top is done in the short backstitch method.  Oh, another thing, I don’t have matted sets of the new themes yet – I should have them in a couple weeks probably.

I’m thinking about some way of selling the sets on paper, with instructions for transferring the designs onto any fabric (I need to do more experimenting to figure out the best ways – see Sea Creatures spoil picture two for an example), so you can stitch them onto clothes and stuff… can’t decide whether it would be best to sell the physical paper prints (maybe as postcards), or pdfs so you can print them out whatever size you want… either way, the puzzle element is a little lost in this format, since I’d want to tell you what each design is since you’ll be transferring to clothing and stuff… ok what do you think?  Any interest?

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