September 9, 2008

new yarn and iron artist!

a couple things…. i just put up 2 new handspun yarns for sale! beaded alpaca sky:

beaded sky yarn

and bulky september leaves:

felty handspun

i will be selling all kinds of neato stuff this saturday at the scrap iron artist event, on se 2nd + salmon. should be a fun time!!

SCRAP Iron Artist logo

i’m working on a small line of leethal re-made clothes! if you like the shirts i printed for pete and paul you just might want to stay tuned for when i post whatever’s left after iron artist is over.

not leethal related, i’ll have a super exciting post coming soon, maybe sunday, i can’t wait! i’ll leave it a surprise for now, but if you follow me on twitter you might be able to guess, if you’re clever…

ok for now, i’m back to work work work, but don’t worry, it’s fun crafty work!!

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