April 25, 2009

newish projects and knit design pattern reveal!

hey have you been keeping up with craftstylish this month?  lots of great earth-friendly crafts… here are mine!

16orange2 (top3)17purple1

first, make a vest from an old pullover sweater, with different embellishment ideas…

18white11 (top2)orange3

like crocheting into the knit fabric:

14white8 white2

and embroidery with recycled cotton:

11purple6 12purple7

this one has hand-stitched knit tape stuff i got at knittn kitten:

(no)progress11 10orange7

and a super weird pocket:


and that other one has slightly less-weird pockets:


that’s a lot of photos, but there you go.  next up, recycled fabric scrap cuffs!

14 (top)16

with examples of other ones i’ve made

(top2)19alloldcuffs (top3)18yellow2

and last week’s was a handband from an old t-shirt:

headband13 (top2)headband11

with examples of other versions:

(top3)headband33 (no)headband25

and some more photos…

(top1)headband11 headband32

(no)headband23 (no)headband14

and now that you’re caught up with craftstylish projects… something new! if you were curious about that designing photo a couple posts ago, it’s getting closer, so it’s time to reveal what’s to come! i’m working on a set of knit cuff patterns, a mini-ebook type thing, and hoping to have it all done in about a week (but it could definitely end up taking longer). so i’m showing you 4 of the designs here and now, then i may reveal a couple more later in the week before they are all released… the first one is my favorite!!

cuff501 cuff507

cuff304 cuff301

cuff601 cuff605

cuff101 cuff103

i love designing on a tiny scale like this, and since my chevron cuff got a pretty good response over on ravelry, i got motivated to get going on this project.  there are more elements of the whole thing that i’m really excited about, but those details are to be announced later…   i hope more of you out there like knitting mini-projects!

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