October 22, 2008

oregon zoo photo fun!

picture post!  pete’s parents took us to the oregon zoo a couple days ago – it’s a great zoo!  both pete and i are spoiled by the san diego zoo, so we hadn’t bothered checking it out, but wow!  all the animals seemed happy, big spaces, and i know they do a lot of good research and stuff, so yeah, check it out!


giraffeface.jpg giraffelegs.jpg


beaver1.jpg beaver4.jpg


baboon2.jpg chimphelping2.jpg


sealion3.jpg polarbearstalking.jpg


turtle4.jpg weirdofish.jpg


you can see all 79 (!) of my zoo photos on the flickr set.

also, 2 new scarflets (cashmere and angora!) and one new hat in the shop!

scarflet042.jpg scarflet044.jpg

scarflet034.jpg hat024.jpg

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